The stock exchanges today, 14 July. Government towards the crisis: Piazza Affari in sharp decline, the spread rises


The stock exchanges today, 14 July.  Government towards the crisis: Piazza Affari in sharp decline, the spread rises
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MILAN – The imminent opening of the government crisis, with the 5 Star Movement intending not to vote confidence in the aid decree, shakes the negotiations in Piazza Affari: the Ftse Mib loses 3.44%. Yields on Italian government bonds soared, with the spread rising 213 points, from 206 at yesterday’s closing. The 10-year BTP rate touches 3.36%.

Meanwhile, the stronger-than-expected run of US inflation feeds the fears of the markets of an even more severe squeeze by central banks to counter the rise in prices, to the detriment of economic growth. The European lists are proceeding downwards: London drops 1.06%, Frankfurt 1.26% e Paris it moves back by 1.3%. More optimism in Asia, where Shanghai stops at + 0.79% e Tokyo closed at + 0.62%. The not encouraging macro data and the disappointing quarterly figures of the US banks instead push down the futures of Wall Street.

The euro remains special after having broken through the parity wall with the dollar this morning, the exchange is positioned just above the threshold, at 1.002.

Companies, who wins and who loses with the parity between the euro and the dollar

by Flavio Bini, Raffaele Ricciardi

On the energy side, the gas slightly down despite the signals launched yesterday by Gazprom, which hypothesized a more prolonged stop for the north Stream 1: in Amsterdam, the reference market for Europe, natural gas traded at 176 euros per megawatt hour, down 2 % compared to yesterday’s close. Quotes slightly down for the Petroleum. WTI futures lost 0.74% to 95.59 dollars a barrel, while Brent fell 0.52% to 99.05 dollars a barrel.

Gas, here are the three reasons that will bring the price over 200 euros

by Luca Pagni

Intermonte: “Very concrete scenario of early elections”

“We are facing a government crisis that is reaching the end of the legislature. The uncertainty is maximum: on the one hand we have record inflation and the restrictive countermeasures implemented by central banks, on the other we have the Ukrainian war that agitates the international politics, poses serious risks to gas supplies and exacerbates the problems of inflation “, observes Andrea Randone, Head of mid small cap research at Intermonte. “The situation of serious instability that has emerged clearly weighs on the Italian stock market and should impact above all domestic securities, such as banking and insurance. We also foresee negative implications for those securities, such as tim, which need a defined political framework to implement important strategic choices. Even the execution of the Recovery plan could be at risk. The basic scenario on which we are moving, preferable on the stock market, is that the government crisis may come back or that a Draghi bis arrives but the scenario of early elections appears On the other hand, some stocks, among which we point out Moncler, Campari and Diasorin, due to the type of their business, should not be affected by the current crisis, as has already happened in the past in times of similar uncertainty “.

US, new requests for subsidies grow by 9,000 units, beyond expectations

New requests for weekly unemployment benefits in the US have grown by 9,000 to 244,000. The figure is higher than the 238,000 units expected by analysts. The 4-week average grows to 235,750 units from 232,500, over the 235,000 units expected by the market

Jp Morgan, profits down in the second quarter

Decreased earnings for Morgan Stanley in the second quarter. Second quarter profit is $ 2.5 billion. Earnings for the same period of 2021 were $ 3.5 billion. The New York-based bank posted earnings of $ 1.39 per share for the quarter to end June. The results fell short of Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of eight analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was $ 1.55 per share in earnings.

China, urgent meeting on mortgage boycott

China’s banking and supervisory authorities have called an emergency meeting with lenders due to the growing number of borrowers who refuse to repay loan installments for unfinished real estate projects. The Bloomberg agency reports, citing sources close to the dossier, according to which the meeting, the meeting would be held this week, involving the Ministry for Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the financial regulators and the main Chinese banks. worry that the mortgage boycott will reverberate in the markets.

Cryptocurrencies, bankruptcy for Celsius Network

Celsius Network, one of the largest platforms in the world for the management of crypto assets, is resorting to bankruptcy following the path opened by other small and large digital companies overwhelmed by the wave of sales that has hit cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. in the last months. The Chapter 11 appeal comes a month after Celsius Network froze its clients’ assets and is “an opportunity to stabilize the company” and undergo a restructuring to maximize value for all shareholders.

Euro down, just below par with the dollar

The euro is falling and remains a breath above par with the dollar, after yesterday fell below as it hadn’t since 2002, following the release of US inflation data. Now the euro is changing hands at 1.0023 against the dollar, down 0.37%. The European currency strengthens against the Japanese yen, is trading at 138.71 with a growth of + 0.36%, while it drops slightly against the pound, with an exchange rate now at 0.8452 and a minimum decline of 0.04%.

Saipem, agreement with Aramco in Saudi Arabia

Saipem and the Saudi construction company Nasser S. Al Hajri Corporation have signed an agreement with Saudi Aramco, as part of the Namaat Industrial Investment Programs initiative, for the execution of ‘EPC onshore’ projects in Saudi Arabia by a Joint Newly established venture.
This was announced by a press release from the Italian company.


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