The study that saves petrol cars from extinction


The study that saves petrol cars from extinction
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There is a study that can save them petrol car from extinction: it was created by Demuynck, Mendoza Villafuerte, Bosteels, Pannwitz, Tietze, Sens, Williams, Bouet and Chaillou, a group of high-level researchers who have dedicated themselves to the development of solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.

The study was presented at theInternational Vienna Motor Symposium of 2022 which was held in the capital of Austria. The designers and researchers have carried out a long and complex work on the secrets of the operation of thermal engines, focusing on solutions to put an end to greenhouse gases and pollutants emitted by car exhausts. One day they may be remembered as the men who saved the thermal thrusters.

Petrol cars: a study saves them from extinction

The work presented in Vienna by Demuynck, Mendoza Villafuerte, Bosteels, Pannwitz, Tietze, Sens, Williams, Bouet and Chaillou, describes in detail the implementation of a advanced emission control system on a gasoline demonstration car. The experiment validates a negligible amount of polluting emissions on renewable and sustainable fuels.

Entitled Zero-Impact Emissions from a Gasoline Car with Advanced Emission Controls and E-Fuelsthe study described in Vienna could become decisive in the future of the entire automotive sector, especially in a particular historical moment in which the European Parliament has decided to end the sale and production of petrol and diesel cars starting from 2035, in favor of electric cars only.

The demonstration vehicle used by the researchers is equipped with a 48V mild-hybrid petrol powertrain with a 1.5-liter direct injection turbocharged engine. The car has an emissions control system consisting of a TWC three-way catalyst in mated position, along with an underfloor particulate filter, a second TWC and another ammonia slip catalyst.

According to the study, very low polluting emissions are found, obtained in comparison with the reference gasoline, exploiting two sustainable fuels: Blue Gasoline and e-Fuel available in the medium term in order to reach 100% renewable content. An exceptional discovery that could revive the fortunes of the automotive market in severe crisis for years.

How to reduce emissions from gasoline cars

The goal of the widely achieved study was to demonstrate that a vehicle equipped with a internal combustion engine Properly redesigned and powered, it is as capable of meeting carbon neutral requirements as a renewable electricity powered Bev vehicle and a green hydrogen fueled FCEV.

According to the authors of the study, “for decades to come in the world context, most new vehicles will be equipped with an internal combustion engine. All the emissions that can be reduced now will have a significant impact on climate change mitigation due to the cumulative effect of every gram of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere ”.

The study, therefore, could save gasoline engines from extinction, at a time when the future of the global automotive sector has taken a decisive turn on the electric. The publication of the researchers’ work comes a few days after the Italian government’s harsh reaction to the stop to heat engines wanted by the European Union.


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