The super battery comes from China: recharges in 10 minutes


The super battery comes from China: recharges in 10 minutes
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Here comes the confirmation that we were waiting for so long, CATL had spoken long ago of a battery with 1,000 kilometers of autonomy, capable of recharging from 10 to 80% of its capacity in just 10 minutes. Well, that battery is ready and will hit the market starting next year.

CATL’s announcement of its super fast battery

CATL’s next generation Cell-to-Pack (CTP) battery is on its way, and it was the company itself that announced it. The level of energy density of these innovative devices is higher than what was the initial goal of the company: they have reached i 255 Wh / kg. But the most exciting thing is that the latest generation integrated cooling system allows you to recharge from 10 to 80% in just 10 minutes, a dream.

The Chinese battery manufacturer CATL this new type of latest generation CTP 3.0 devices that will be useful for the construction of battery packs to be used on electric vehicles. The definitive parameters open the doors to batteries that will have the ability to guarantee even up to the exceptional level of autonomy of 1,000 kilometers, plus ultra-fast charging, available in just ten minutes. A truly relevant news for the entire zero-emission car sector, and what the company itself underlines is that at the moment it is not just a concept, which does not have a launch date. Qilin battery packs, this is their name, will begin to be mass-produced as early as 2023, so the new generation of CTP packs is now a sure thing.

Qilin: the new battery packs for ultra-fast charging

In recent months we had already talked about Qilin, the new battery packs. According to CATL, the goal was to be able to achieve an energy density higher than 250 Wh / kg for ternary nickel-cobalt-manganese chemistry. According to the data we have in hand today, the final specifications indicate a density of 255 Wh / kg, with an efficiency of use of the battery pack volume that reaches the value of 76%, i.e. 13% more for CATL than to the new 4680 cell format that Tesla required. As for the battery packs with lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry we are talking about a density of 160 Wh / kg. A result that the House has achieved by creating a new design of the structure of the battery pack in which the CATL prismatic cells are inserted.

The new battery architecture

The frame design has been revised and CATL has used a new elastic structure between the different modules positioned inside the battery pack, this allows to distribute the structural loads in the best possible way. To protect from overheating, CATL has also improved the ventilation flows. Rapid temperature control has also been optimized, thanks to the new liquid cooling system that circulates between the modules, a feature which undoubtedly benefited from the aspect relating to the charging speed.

According to CATL, the new facility will allow the use of new chemistries with even higher charge densities. At the moment, as we know, CATL works with car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and BMW, is already the battery supplier for these automotive giants. Therefore, starting from next year it is possible that the new models of these brands on the European market will already boast important innovations in terms of battery performance, thanks to the latest generation devices supplied by CATL.


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