The veils are removed from the new Ferrari 296 GT3 racing car


The veils are removed from the new Ferrari 296 GT3 racing car
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The new racing car signed by Ferrari marks the return to the track of a Prancing Horse car equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, placed in a central-rear position like the 246 SP. Experts worked on the chassis and vehicle dynamics, designed to offer performance and ease of driving to both professional drivers and gentlemen drivers.

Speaking of the aerodynamics of the new Ferrari 296 GT3, we can say that it has led to a gain of 20% in terms of vertical load compared to the spectacular 488 GT3, limiting the sensitivity to changes in attitude as much as possible. The race debut is scheduled for the 2023 Daytona 24 Hours.

How is the car made

First of all we can say that the Ferrari 296 GT3, the new racing car, represents the future of the Prancing Horse in GT car racing, those that allow the closest relationship with the customer and the most consistent transfer of technologies and innovative solutions on production cars. The Ferrari 296 GT3 is the result of the 296 GTB, the car from Maranello that represents the most recent evolution of the carmaker’s concept of a 2-seater mid-rear-engined sports berlinetta.

What can we say about this brand new Ferrari? The 296 GT3 is an innovative project, on and off the track, that the Prancing Horse has decided to develop to continue the winning tradition that has its roots in 1949, when the 166 MM won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A completely new approach as regards the design, but also from the point of view of the management of the car in all phases of a race weekend. The electronics are also innovative, up to the new engine architecture, a 6-cylinder turbo at 120 °.

Ferrari approaches this for the first time new concept, created around the needs of teams, professional riders and gentlemen drivers, historically at the center of the attention of the Prancing Horse. A car that the engineers and all the professionals have studied meticulously in every detail, from all points of view, according to the dictates of the new regulation dedicated to GT3.

The exterior and aerodynamics of the new Ferrari 296 GT3

The future of Ferrari in the GT racing scene is this new model, developed around the volumes of the 296 GTB, redefining them to meet the demands of the track and performance, thanks to teamwork between the Style Center, aerodynamics and designers. The design of the car, net of the appendages or the characteristic elements of the racing version, has kept intact the connection to the production model which already has many points in common with other cars, such as the 250 LM of 1963, a perfect combination of simplicity and functionality.

The interior of the fireball

The principles on which the development of the passenger compartment of the car is defined are intuitiveness, visibility and accessibility, without forgetting fundamental aspects such as safety and comfort. In endurance races it is essential to be able to count on these characteristics, also for performance. Compared to the 488 GT3, the cockpit has been redesigned based on the information collected by the official drivers and also by customers. The result is a cell built to give its occupant the ability to quickly find the best driving position, with the main functions always at hand.

The new steering wheel inspired by that of Formula 1 single-seaters, the positioning of the Sabelt seat allows optimal visibility, both day and night, as well as a new level of comfort even for drivers of different sizes and stature. The air conditioning system has been designed to ensure adequate ventilation in all conditions.

The engine of the Ferrari 296 GT3

The engine marks the return to the track of a Ferrari equipped with a 6-cylinder engine even if, as dictated by the technical regulations, it is not equipped with the electric unit present on the 296 GTB. For the V6 heat engine of the 296 GT3, the 120 ° ‘V’ configuration was introduced with the turbos positioned inside the ‘V’. The benefits in terms of compactness and mass reduction are excellent, and this favors the achievement of very high power levels.


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