The very common molecule that many of us take every day would counteract the onset of these serious pathologies

The very common molecule that many of us take every day would counteract the onset of these serious pathologies
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Scientific research is constantly evolving by studying the effects of natural substances on human health. Such complex studies require prolonged feedback on a varied and numerous sample of patients. But when there is some evidence, it must be acknowledged and hoped that the data can provide decisive help against various terrible diseases.

So today we are dealing with a very famous substance that many of us take every day, caffeine. There are many studies dedicated to this molecule, even considering the frequent and prolonged use that many make of it. In fact, there are literally billions of coffees drunk every day in the world.

The very common molecule that many of us take every day would counteract the onset of these serious pathologies

Thus we report some results of a study that appeared in the international specialized journal Molecules and carried out by experts from some Italian university and hospital research centers. An interesting fact emerges from the findings explained by the Istituto Superiore della Sanità.

In fact, caffeine seems to be able to play a positive role against the formation of melanoma, that is, that form of cancer that affects the skin or, more rarely, the eyes and mucous membranes. Moreover, it is a particularly hateful and aggressive form of cancer.

Well the researchers would have noticed, through an in silico and in vitro approach, that a protein, called tyrosinase enzyme, stimulated by caffeine, produces a greater quantity of melanin. The latter, as we will know, performs an effective protective role against the skin, particularly reducing the effects of UV rays. In summary, therefore, by encouraging the production of melanin, caffeine would counteract the onset of these serious pathologies according to experts.


Furthermore, the role of caffeine seems to extend to the reduction of the function of the so-called “melanoma initiating cells”. These are cells that oppose a resistance function towards drugs and that would also have a role in the re-presentation of the tumor.

Certainly the role of caffeine must be considered globally together with other possible contraindications and considering the overall effectiveness on our body.

Let’s not forget the importance of some preventive protection methods, such as the use of sunscreens. In particular, when we buy creams, we remind you that the important level of protection lies not only in the UVB level, but also in the other fundamental index that is often little known.

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