The war of fans on the A1; three ultras already released, ‘dozens of Daspo are arriving’ – Chronicle


The war of fans on the A1;  three ultras already released, ‘dozens of Daspo are arriving’ – Chronicle
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Three of the four ultras arrested for the clashes on the A1 have already been released from prison but, interior minister Matteo Piantedosi warns, “there will be dozens of Daspos”. Meanwhile, all three Roma supporters accused of aggravated brawl and caught after the clashes between Neapolitan and Giallorossi supporters who blocked a stretch of the A1 on Sunday and sowed panic in the Badia al Pino service area are released. In the Capital the judge did not validate the arrests of Emiliano Bigi and Filippo Lombardi, taken home by Digos on Monday and returned to freedom not even 24 hours later. The Roman judge did not recognize either the need or the urgency, therefore not even the deferred flagrance, i.e. the possible arrest within 48 hours of the events.

Then in the afternoon in Arezzo the judge Elena Pisto has yes validated the detention of Martino Di Tosto, but released him. The same prosecutor had asked for house arrest, the judge decided on milder measures: obligation to sign by the carabinieri and obligation to stay in the capital for the 43-year-old cook, with precedents not due to stadium crimes as his defender Lorenzo Contucci underlined. “It is a decision that we find correct,” the lawyer said on the measure. The defender implemented different strategies in the hearings in Rome and Arezzo. In Rome he raised the non-existence of the deferred flagrance, in Arezzo for Di Tosto instead not “this for a different procedural strategy”, he explained to reporters. The same lawyer took Di Tosto back to Rome by car after two days in the security room. The police had transferred him from the police station to the courthouse covered by a black balaclava and making him enter from the garage of the courthouse.

Domenica Di Tosto had been arrested after his comrades had dumped him, with stab wounds to his legs, in front of the Arezzo emergency room, then they had fled. Before the judge, the ultra Di Tosto made use of the right not to answer, the trial by express has been adjourned to 25 January.

Instead, it is set for tomorrow at the court of Naples the hearing of the Neapolitan fan, fourth arrested for the same clashes. More than 300 ultras, half Neapolitans and half Romanists, have contributed to the autogrill riots, about 200 have been identified so far in the investigations coordinated by the Arezzo prosecutor’s office, with the deputy Laura Taddei, who are going ahead in collaboration with the Digos of Arezzo, Naples and Rome from which reports and information come from.

Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi spoke of other “identifications in progress”, while of the four arrests he explained that “there are few because deferred flagrant arrest is allowed in a limited time” however he announced “in addition to criminal proceedings, also Daspo and administrative provisions”. Piantedosi has made a personal commitment to have “dozens of individual measures”. The tomorrow the minister will meet the leaders of the Federation and the Football League to share a rigorous, severe line. “We will give – he anticipated – to the National Observatory on sporting events indications based on the utmost precaution”. As for Sunday’s clashes, the minister specified that “preventive action had been taken to prevent fans from running into service stations: it was hardly imaginable that the level of rashness would reach the point that these people arrived in random order in private cars “. Full support for the Viminale comes from the Minister for Sport Andrea Abodi: “I have so much faith in Minister Piantedosi and in the Chief of Police Giannini that I am sure that adequate decisions will be taken with respect to the seriousness of the phenomenon”.

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