The worldwide scam of Ecuador


The worldwide scam of Ecuador
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“Man must live. It were

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Since money has taken the fort of sport by storm, conquering it, various things (existential values ​​and sacred values) of the latter have been watered down or even extinguished. For example, the case of the Ecuadorian national footballer, Byron Castillo, accused of being more Colombian than he is Ecuadorian, and consequently not very entitled to have been selected for “La Tricolor”, makes a certain impression. The story seems to be that already seen on other occasions, since football has become a sort of global temple market: Castillo’s fake birth certificate, obvious complicity with state authorities, and other miscellaneous amenities. The problem in sport has been the same for years: always trying to win at any cost. The skill lies in knowing how to disguise well the tricks to stem the rules, and this can be seen from the fatal practice of doping, always one step ahead of anti-doping. The enormous effort is to keep the use of makeup in the shadows as much as possible, also resorting to the eternal use of corruption, trusting in the ancient adage that each person has a price. In contemporary civilization, looking the other way has become easier than looking in the right place, and getting away with it is now very popular. It does not happen only in sport, mind you, because the feeling of living in a tame world for the use and consumption of the interests of the powerful and of those who have the ability (as well as the cynical ease) to be smarter than you, poor fool, I think is more of a sensation. In our country it is very difficult to escape if you do not have a good relational circuit, willing to guarantee immunity and glory regardless of the facts.

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In every successful play and in every well-written script there must always be the “bad guy” to be punished in an exemplary way, and not to follow the famous Maoist aphorism “hit one to educate a hundred”, but simply to make the narrative imposed on a society more and more inattentive, and not only to details. Can people named Jorge Luiz Frello Filho, Joao Pedro dos Santos Galvao, Emerson Palmieri dos Santos have the opportunity to wear the Blue jersey, considering that they are to Italy as Giuliano Ferrara would be in the role of “principal dancer” in the body of dance of the legendary “Royal Opera House”? If they could, the three would certainly have preferred to wear the green-gold jersey of the “Selecao”. Matters of the heart and birth, in fact. The effort made by these heroes of ours to sing the “Hymn of Mameli” is tender, but I fear they would hardly be “ready to die” if Italy called them seriously. During the performance of our hymn German Mauro Camoranesi, one of the 2006 world champions, assumed a petrified facial expression while remaining with his lips closed in a double way. Not bad, at least he had the modesty to refuse to participate in a useless drama. It is therefore not surprising how the former Argentine midfielder in an interview candidly admitted that he had accepted to play for the Azzurra national team because he did not find space in the Argentine national team. It must be said that the truth lies in the fact that it is tremendously easier for Joao Pedro to try to take away the place of Ciro Immobile rather than Neymar, in an Italy where the problem of scoring was dramatically highlighted in the failure to qualify for the World Cup. Qatar.

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Yet no one has ever dreamed of accusing Italy of cheating; let alone if they come to fleas a national team with four world championships won in its palmares and that moves the market in the temple at full throttle. We have a better relational circuit than Ecuador, let’s face it, and we don’t need to mobilize what remains of our patriotic spirit to defend the indefensible. The ancient Greeks argued that it was impossible to know the response of the gods without truly knowing themselves. And without the knowledge of this response it is not really possible to make right choices (or almost), and therefore to determine something around our happiness or despair, war or peace, prosperity or failure. We become souls subjugated by make-up, unable to compete to find the truth: are they able to represent Italy? Do I have valid reasons to sacrifice a cruciate ligament for the eternal glory of Ecuador if necessary? GW Leibniz, whom defining a philosopher and mathematician could be tremendously reductive, in the elaboration of his concept “of the best of all possible worlds” prefigures God as the necessary foundation of reality, even the laws of mechanics being subject to the presupposition of metaphysics. From the reasoning of the great German scientist it follows, in this case, how the world of football, and of sport in general, cannot always be analyzed with the sole mechanics of victory, profit, fame. There are things that transcend all this, and some of these are certainly the place where we were born and the physical and spiritual belonging of those who contributed to bringing us into the world (a father and a mother, so to speak. Or parent 1 or parent 2, if you prefer).

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I suspect how Camoranesi’s lips would have remained closed even if the line “Brothers of Italy, Italy has awakened” had been replaced with “Brothers of the Globe, the Globe has awakened”. A matter of blood and identity, it could be argued, challenging the risk of being mistaken for irreducible “sovereignists” (we are living in the dangerous Era of “consumption” neologisms. We pay them a lot per kilo compared to the senseless use made of them), and an equivalence with the value of a club’s “jersey” is impossible, naturally subject to the result of a conscious and possible choice by a fan. And while the whole world press is beating poor Byron Castillo and FIFA has opened an investigation into the whole affair that could lead Ecuador to the exclusion of the next world championships, the world of legal formalisms and sophisms to embellish every desire for victory is quietly postponing the national team of Qatar, where it is difficult to find some of his players who are truly native to the small emirate. The FIFA regulations seem to have been designed specifically for this country and allow eligibility to play in any national team as long as they have played five consecutive years in the country concerned with the player’s eligibility. Here then, as a perfect corollary, the birth of “Aspire Academy” in Doha with the task, since 2004, of recruiting, regardless of expense, young players in Africa, Asia and Latin America with the aim of setting up, sooner or later , a credible national representative. There is no FIFA investigation on the Uruguayan Sebastian Soria, the best scorer in Qatari football history, because, once the rule has been made, some subjects, thanks to the aforementioned relational politics, manage to find the perfect gabola every time. The little theater set up in the last thirty years by the managers of world football is the perfect synthesis of a world now entrusted to the mechanical nature of money and the interests pursued in every type of variant. The funny part of Byron Castillo’s story lies in the hypothesis of Italy being rescued for the next Qatar World Cup to replace the disqualified Ecuador.

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It does not matter if Italy has lined up three Brazilians with North Macedonia, since in the glittering world of contemporary football it is only the form that counts. I will be wrong, but I foresee an Ecuador regularly present in the first match against Qatar on November 21st; that day probably the incredible story of Byron Castillo will have ended up in oblivion and we will all get involved in the events of the strangest and most questionable World Cup in history. Looking closely at what is happening in the world of football, one can easily get the idea of ​​the uselessness of any kind of worry as the truth continually escapes. As things are going, it would not be surprising if one day they invent a players’ market for the national teams. It could happen as everything is becoming overly relative. If Erling Haaland is a heist that is costing Manchester City € 250 million, how much would anyone be willing to pay to win a World Cup? It is too creepy to try to answer this question, so we better end it here.

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