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Unexpected at C’è Posta per Te: the police intervene! Photo: Mediaset – newsby

C’è Posta per Te has been one of Canale 5’s flagship programs for several years now, always hosted by the prodigious Maria De Filippi. Few are aware, however, that once, during the famous letter deliveries, the postwoman found herself faced with a really difficult situation to manage…

We are all waiting for the start of the new edition of C’è Posta per Te 2023, and preparations are already underway. The first episode of the now cult program is expected immediately after Epiphany and many exciting stories are already promised that will make fans shed rivers of tears.

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Unexpected at C’è Posta per Te: the police intervene! Photo: Mediaset – newsby

C’è Posta per Te, the incredible anecdote of postwoman Chiara Carcano

Over many years the episodes have followed one another with great fluidity and nothing has ever seemed out of place in the eyes of the spectators. This, clearly, because very often the “contingencies” are promptly cut and never shown to the public. One of these unforeseen events happened some time ago and was told by postwoman Chiara Carcano.

The girl said that the delivery of the fateful letters is usually a moment full of tension. Not only for those who receive them, but also for those who deliver them. In fact, you never know what the reaction of people will be when the letter is delivered and aggressive attitudes cannot be excluded. For this Chiara asserted that during those delicate moments always be careful to behave in a very polite way, trying never to appear intrusive or disrespectful of other people’s spaces.

Chiara Carcano, there's mail for you
The story of the postwoman Chiara Carcano. Photo: Instagram – newsby

All’s well that ends well

On one occasion, however, his humble and respectful behavior was not enough to appease the wrath of the person who, at that moment, had received his letter. In fact, the person in question he didn’t think twice about calling the police after seeing the girl in her house dressed as a postwoman from C’è Posta per Te. Chiara therefore had to face the police who rushed to the scene, and there is no doubt that it was a very embarrassing moment for everyone.

maria de filippi there's mail for you
Maria DeFilippi. Photo: Ansa – newsby

In the end, however, everything worked out for the best and the anger of the person in question has been appeased. In short, from this point of view the postmen of C’è Posta per Te really play a risky role, in some ways similar to that of the famous (and courageous) correspondents of Striscia la Notizia. It is to be hoped that such episodes will no longer occur in future editions, since letters, as we know by now, can always be refused without having to make threats of any kind.

Meanwhile some news about the next edition has popped up which we will soon be able to see on the small screen like every year. It seems that even in the 2023 edition there will be many guests, both Italian and international. One of them could be the famous and charming Turkish actor Can Yaman, who made a lot of talk about himself last year following his love story with Diletta Leotta. In addition to the actor, well-known faces from the Italian show biz could also make an appearance, including Stefano De Martino, Belen Rodriguez and Luca Argentero. To find out more, however, we will have to wait a little longer…

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