“They contain a powerful pesticide”, beware of these ice creams: well known brand


Beware of ice cream contaminated with ethylene oxide disinfectant. Several ice cream companies are withdrawing some packages that appear to be contaminated.

Harmful ice creams

As soon as the temperature column marks a scorching heatone of the few things that give relief in the city is ice cream.

Beware ice creams withdrawn from the market

Ice cream cravings have many faces: whether they are simple biscuit snacks, mouth-watering triple-layered dark chocolate sticks, or a juicy popsicle, ice creams are one of the pleasures of life that truly we don’t want to have to give up …

Yet in spite of ourselves we must take note that even in this case doubts may arise about the goodness of their composition. The food industry has a period of great criticality. Other products containing a large amount of pesticides are currently in the spotlight.

Ice cream, young woman eats popsicle
Ice cream, young woman eats popsicle –

It is still vivid the case of Kinder, with eggs showing salmonella contamination. This is what happened only at Easter 2022. The condition has generated a lot of alarm, considering that it is a product used by the most delicate range and which affects us to the full, the children.

The alert this time comes from France. Recently some French ice cream companies have taken steps to withdraw ice cream packages due to the‘Ethylene oxide. Let’s try to understand what it is.

Ethylene oxide

The ethylene oxide scare began in fall 2020 with contaminated sesame seeds; since then, many products – ginger and other flavorings, as well as some supplements – have been withdrawn from the market as they potentially dangerous.

This is why if there is a suspicion of the presence in ice cream of different brands with the high level of this pesticide, the immediate withdrawal is triggered, which took place in May in French territory.

Now, although there are no sesame, ginger or other contaminated spices in these products, they can be at risk because two stabilizers have been found in their preparation.

One of these is carob seed flour (E410) for which the French Directorate for the Prevention of Fraud (DGCCRF) has issued an alert.

The reason is that the ethylene oxide content above the regulatory limit was detected by analyzing a stabilizer present in the composition of some ice creams, carob seed flour. [E410]. Another compound is guar gum (E412).

Withdrawn from trade in France

In this case, the lots subject to compulsory withdrawal in France involved some products related to brands such as: Twix, Snickers, Extreme, Adélie, Smarties and other brands brands linked to chains such as Carrefour and Auchan.

Twix Ice Bar, Choco Ice Bar, Mars products, M & M’s are also interested in the problem. According to what emerged, the origin of various products is from the “Mars Wringley” factory in Route de Saverne.

Vanilla and chocolate stick ice creams
Vanilla and chocolate stick ice creams –

The list could be much broader because of these types of additives they are not only used in the production of ice cream.

Of course, these are products that at the moment have only been recalled on the French market. Although the reports of some brands they could also concern our country.

For now, the Ministry of Health and the European Rapid Alert System for food and feed safety have not communicated any news.

Further news will have to be awaited to understand if this is a sporadic case of the French reality.

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