Thirteenth, this year she will be very poor | 25% cut due to taxes –


Thirteenth, this year she will be very poor |  25% cut due to taxes –
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Everyone is waiting for the thirteenth month, but some will be used to pay taxes. But let’s take a better look at what the Italians will have to expect.

Everyone is waiting for the thirteenth, but part of it will be used to pay taxes. But let’s take a closer look at the specifics, everything there is to know about this news. Also in view of Christmas, which is just around the corner.

Thirteenth: bad news for all workers (Pixabay)

A study of the Cgia of Mestre signaled that the thirteenth of the Italians will be a little less full-bodied. There is even talk less than 25%which will serve to pay taxes. As can be read on the website, according to this study, in fact, approx 47 billion euros in thirteenthsbut more than 11 billion euro will end up in the treasury coffers. The first to be able to collect this money are pensioners, as early as Thursday 1st December. It will be a slightly different Christmas from those of past years, given that with the economic crisis, you often have to give up something to get to the end of the month.

Thirteenth: bad news for all workers

Again according to the study carried out by the Cgia of Mestre, it was assumed that around 9 and a half billion euros will be spent during these holidays. As we said earlier, it will be a bit different year, also due to the economic crisis that we are all facing. It’s a very “low” figure if you think that 10 years ago, more than double spending was spent during this holiday season. Perhaps, in part it is also due to the BlackFriday: there were many purchases this end of November due to the many offers that were available both on the web and in stores.

The thirteenth month, in addition to being used to give long-awaited gifts, will also be used to pay the installment of the car, the mortgage, bills … but this year at least 25% will go away to pay taxes. Unfortunately, in fact, high spending has lowered the purchasing power of Italians for the Christmas holidays. Many will use this money especially for the cost of basic necessities or even not to fall behind with the various payments that each of us has to face every month. Before tackling this economic crisis, many of us waited for this moment to be able to face, above all, spending on Christmas gifts.

What to give for Christmas?

But why this year, however, the Italians will spend less in this period – so magical and eagerly awaited by the little ones. Perhaps in part it is due to the Black Friday, as we have already mentioned before. Before it was only a day in which we could buy what we wanted to buy at a much lower price: now the period has lengthened more and more, about two weeks. Many have decided to take advantage of this promotion to anticipate the gifts to put under the tree.

Thirteenth: bad news for all workers
The thirteenth this year should have a smaller amount of about 25% (Web Sources)

Now we are thinking of a way not to spend so much money on all those objects that are not even used by the kids – e find in any case an original gift. This year the focus is on books, clothing and shoes. But groceries are also among the most popular gifts this Christmas.

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