This is why many just wake up have a headache and what we should do to fix it


This is why many just wake up have a headache and what we should do to fix it
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Many suffer from sudden headaches, which often become unbearable and prevent them from doing any type of activity. When they are strong, in fact, they create a lot of discomfort and turn our days into real hell. It can affect anyone at any age and the pain spreads to various parts of the head, up to the neck.

In addition to arriving during the day, for no apparent reason, it is even more annoying when we wake up during the night or in the morning with an unbearable headache. When it is terribly strong, we could hopelessly lose sleep and open our eyes between 4 and 9 in the morning. Many times we link this ailment to jet lag or factors related to humidity and coolness, but the causes could be other.

This is why many just wake up have a headache and what we should do to fix it

To treat and prevent migraines, even before filling ourselves with drugs and painkillers, we should go back to the basis of the problem, to find a targeted solution.

One possible explanation is poor sleep quality, when we sleep too many hours, or too little, or if our rest is disturbed and discontinuous. We tend to underestimate the importance of sleeping well and continuously, which is fundamental to avoiding the arrival of discomfort and mood swings. To ensure optimal sleep quality, we should not only try to go to bed at the same time, but also avoid overeating just before bed. So, avoid overdoing alcohol, set a suitable temperature in the bedroom, get rid of anxiety and stress by promoting a state of relaxation.

Sleep, however, is not the only reason why we could suffer from arterial hypertension, which is excessive blood pressure in the arteries.

Another factor to take into consideration is bruxism, which is when we tend to rub our teeth during the night, causing problems in the jaw area. Not to mention that, if we assume an incorrect posture during the day, the headache upon waking up could be a plausible consequence.

Even sleep apnea could trigger uncontrollable morning migraines, a disorder that needs careful investigation to trace the causes.

Peaceful sleep

That’s why many have a headache as soon as they wake up, let’s find out what possible cause is at the source of our ailment, to follow a treatment or certain advice from our family doctor.

To overcome insomnia caused by anxiety or stress, it would be advisable to follow good habits and avoid using stimulants, such as caffeine, before bed. We drink relaxing herbal teas that promote sleep and, if during the day we feel the need to take a nap, we do not exceed the duration of 45 minutes.

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