“Tim Summer Hits”, Andrea Delogu seduces with the bustier dress. And she is unbalanced on De Martino


“Tim Summer Hits”, Andrea Delogu seduces with the bustier dress.  And she is unbalanced on De Martino
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The appointments of the Tim Summer Hits 2022 and with them one of the certainties of this hot summer of music is confirmed: the couple formed by Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino is unstoppable and, episode after episode, wins more and more fans of the program. But in the new appointment from the stage in Rimini to stand out is undoubtedly the beauty of Delogu, who with hers green bustier dress gives us a wonderful lesson in style.

Andrea Delogu at the “Tim Summer Hits”, the elegance of the bustier dress

There are many stars who take turns on the stage of the Tim Summer Hits 2022. Among these we cannot forget Elodie who, in the episode aired on June 30 on Rai 2, literally enchanted the audience with a “tribal” and captivating look: bikini in plain sight, pants with low-waisted pockets (very nineties) and a padded mini vest, all enriched by a hairstyle with afro braids that dictates the trend (but which has already given way to a more natural fold).

But this time we have to admit that the presenter Andrea Delogu she really outdid herself. Always alongside the inseparable Stefano De Martino, fresh from the flashback with his beloved Belen, Delogu showed off a look that sets the standard: a bustier dress with super stretch midi skirtembellished with an embroidery of flowers worked in a splendid green color, which perfectly matches his complexion and highlights her inevitable fiery red hair. The neckline is generous but not vulgar, adapting well to the shapes of the presenter who, to add a touch of class to the ensemble, chose a wavy semi-crop and a pair of large earrings in a circle. On the feet, inevitably, intertwined sandals with stiletto heels (vertiginous).

The bustier is a style choice that many other celebs love to show off and on more occasions. Just think of Chiara Ferragni who at the MET Gala 2022 After Party delighted us with an all-pink lingerie dress with boning in full view, or the divine Lady Gaga who loves to show off bustiers and underwear in plain sight, always in a unique and original way.

Andrea Delogu is unbalanced on Stefano De Martino

Between one work commitment and another, Andrea Delogu also found the time to give an interview to Panorama in which he leans on his adventure companion, Stefano De Martino. On the two conductors there were talks of all colorsprecisely because of that natural complicity which is perceived through the small screen and which has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of ill-thinkers.

Stefano has now found happiness with Belen, although someone has insinuated that Rodriguez was jealous of a “mysterious TV girl”. Everyone inevitably thought of the Delogu that, without too many words, once again spoke honestly about the relationship with De Martinosilencing any possible indiscretion: “At first he made us laugh a lot [il presunto flirt, ndr]then it got out of hand, it became an insistent and annoying indiscretionespecially when it started triggering aggressive comments, ”he told Panorama.

Adding, too, how all of this has somehow affected their way of showing themselves in public. In order not to feed further rumors on the matter, the two conductors they decided to keep a low profile“Sacrificing” ironic jokes and comments on social media and relegating them to their private sector.


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