Tom Hanks, unrecognizable in “Elvis”: “Oh my God, where did I board”


Tom Hanks, unrecognizable in “Elvis”: “Oh my God, where did I board”
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from Valerio Cappelli, sent to Cannes

The American star starred in Baz Luhrmann’s film as the controversial, skilful and evil manager of Elvis

Tom Hanks ace of all time. At least on this strip of land, at the Cannes Film Festival, the primacy of cinema over music is reaffirmed even if there is Elvis Presley middle. Elvis
he was greeted in the hall by ovations and shouts, including standing ovations, in front of the Måneskin singing a song from the soundtrack. Director Baz Luhrmann comments: «The ovation goes to the film but also to the whole cinema, to the theaters. Cannes saved us once again ». Tom Hanks is Presley’s controversial manager. His name is Tom Parker, most skillful and wicked, Shakespearean character, says the director again, who invites us to get on his frenetic merry-go-round. They ask Tom Hanks how he managed to make all this ambiguity, and he: “Well, I’m a professional.” He says he didn’t know anything about Parker, “Baz told me the story and I said, okay I’m your man, the right person. I do not judge Parker, I say that he had the opportunity to introduce the greatest musical talent of the time, he knew it, he had sensed it. I asked Baz to show me a photo and exclaimed, God, where I boarded. ‘

In the film she appears with a huge double chin prosthetic, the carry-over goes through his skull, the tricks fatten him by twenty kilos. Everyone agrees, the actor (who took Covid during filming, “the circumstances didn’t make it a walk”), has taken the road that will lead him straight to the Oscars 2023, in this biopic that focuses on the anti-hero : Parker, an unscrupulous, skilful man, withheld 50 percent of Elvis’s proceeds, a figure deemed by the court to be “excessive and indecent”; Elvis finally snaps, “You’re a vampire, a parasite.” And Parker: “But I just shared a dream with you.” The dream of a poor boy who becomes the first superstar of music, with the face of Austin Butler who admits that he was recommended by Denzel Washington with whom he had worked on Broadway: “I sent the director a video in which I sang Unchained Melody of Elvis, letting go of my emotions rather than imitating him. Everything started like this. It was destiny, we both lost our mother at 23, I’m obsessed with him. ” Here is Parker’s point of view, struggling against the Scespirian image of Iago that they have stuck on him, an evil computer. “I didn’t kill Elvis, I created him,” he says in the now elderly film, in the hospital, in front of the bright skyscrapers of Las Vegas, where he will end his days by losing out on slot machines.

Archaeological Operation: A rebellious, vitality-filled music hero who has been completely forgotten has been resurrected. Elvis on stage has his head bowed, his pelvis sways, he almost goes into a trance, he imitates the black singers of the evangelical churches that he attended with his parents when he was a teenager. On stage he looks like a golden eagle while opening the flaps of his cape, he will end his life too soon, at 42, in the film he says that he had become like a bird that has lost its wings, and when he is tired he sleeps in the wind. The life of the king of rok’n’roll is a roulette: where are we aiming, tonight, red or black? He had to do A Star is Born with Barbra Streisand, another shipwrecked project before it was born. The screening was punctuated by open stage applause. “Have you noticed? The first was for Alton Mason when he sings Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti, ”says Tom Hanks, inviting applause to Alton Mason, the actor who plays him. You see the crisis between Elvis and his wife Priscilla, who accuses him of letting go, the pills, the antidepressants, and the director says, “just think what it meant to marry that celebrity.”

Baz Luhrmann was interested “in the political divide, in the racial riots in South America in the 1950s and 1960s”. Elvis was threatened by the “Southerners”, they reproached him for approaching Afro culture. But he drank there as a teenager in the traveling circuses of the evangelical churches his parents frequented, where the gospel was sung. It may be a coincidence, Baz, the director of Moulin Rougein its tight editing recreates “an American melodrama to explore the country “which is transformed into a large, baroque amusement park. «The aspect that struck me most? Elvis was a very spiritual man. ‘

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