“Too much pain”: Maurizio Costanzo’s last wish before dying Maria reacted like this


Among the most loved and appreciated women of the show, it is impossible not to mention the name of the queen of television, Maria De Filippi, but she too hides a part that perhaps not everyone expects.

Her programs are by far the ones that the Mediaset audience loves the most, she likes to have contact with people, in fact it passes by the talent Amici, where young boys and girls turn into real diamonds and on several occasions characters who have become stars have left the program.

Then move on to his Men and Women, a dating show that Maria cares a lot about, especially because there are real people who decide to lay bare their feelings and tell their stories. In the end not to mention her protégé, You’ve Got Mailwhich for years has been bringing people who have drifted apart over time.

The empathy he can find with his guests is so strong that on several occasions it was thanks to his intervention that some difficult situations have subsided and the road to reconciliation has been found.

At his side, in all these years there has always been a man, he too is a piece of history of our television, we are obviously talking about Maurizio Costanzohis life companions for over twenty years, are one of the most close-knit couples on television and this is certainly their strong point.

Maria De Filippi, in our ideal is a strong woman, difficult to bend, she is able to hold the reins of programs with a rare professionalism, but on several occasions he said that behind that marble aspect, he hides many fears and fears, one of these concerns Maurizio Costanzo himself.

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Maria De Filippi’s great fear for Maurizio

Although Maria has always shown herself extremely strong in front of the cameras, this is also because on several occasions she found herself having to manage situations that were not very easy, where pain and feelings could have overwhelmed her, with the cameras off, he confessed to having learned to rein in his emotions to manage them in the best way.

So during a very intimate and personal interview with the weekly Oggi has decided to show a side of her that we are not used to seeing, the more fragile one, where she hides pains and fears and on this occasion she spoke of her beloved husband Maurizio.

When he is dying

During the interview Maria he decided to confess something very intimate and tried of the relationship between her and her husband and brought down that wall of strength that distinguishes her, the famous presenter thus revealed that Costanzo asked her to hold his hand when he is dying.

But Mary admitted her weakness,I confess that I don’t know if I’ll be able to, if I have the strength and courage that day there… I don’t want the intertwining of those fingers to remain as my last memory ”. Then he continues, “I have armor that though they never really made me immune to ‘obstacles’ and to the real fears that life inevitably and ferociously throws in the face of each of us. First of all for me the fear of death “.

maria de filippi

For De Filippi, death is a very delicate matter, she never really got over her mourning for her parents and another loss would be devastating, so she says, “I never got over my father’s mourning: I only put a cap on it. Just as I locked up and sent a closet to my house with all my mother’s dearest things when she left us. I plug and lock the pain to move on. It’s my way to face the future ”.

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