Totti and Ilary, the last months spent between silences and parallel lives. The yellow of the two releases


Totti and Ilary, the last months spent between silences and parallel lives.  The yellow of the two releases
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She is already in Tanzania with her children. The photos of him under the house on the other. And the rumors about the messages of an influencer to Ilary

The day after the Great Goodbye, Francesco Totti does not speak and Ilary Blasi neither: at the moment he is already in Tanzania on vacation with his three children and his sister Silvia, further away than that. It is clear that this is the first mandatory clause of a very complicated sentimental and patrimonial separation that is not too consensual. No public statements, at least agreement has been reached on this.

Disagreement on the ad text

This was not the case for the press release, which had to be one and instead split at the last: it seems that she wanted it to be dry and concise, while he preferred to explain the reasons for a painful but no longer avoidable separation and the reason for those denials disdainful (and unconvincing) of February. So everyone made their own. I sent the text that Ilary asked me to send, I don’t know anything about before and after, explains laconic Graziella Lopedota, press office of the presenter of the Isola dei Famosi.

The statement by Francesco Totti on the separation from Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi’s statement on the separation from Francesco Totti

The photos of the champion with Noemi Bocchi

It was not even the photo shoot of Chi, who pinched the former Romanist number 10, escorted in Smart by his friend Emanuele Maurizi, under the house of Noemi Bocchi, the blonde and thirty-four-year-old pariolina (so equal to Ilary who looks like a fourth sister Blasi ) that Totti has been dating in secret (not even so much) for at least eight months. The weekly had warned both of them, albeit shortly in advance, since the images were very fresh, taken a few hours before the launch of the scoop. Certainly not that they jumped for joy.

The messages of the influencer to Ilary

When the protagonists are silent for, the ruthless law of gossip wants others to speak, rightly or inappropriately. Thus the most disparate voices chase each other between Rome and Milan. Like this one: the mysterious man who sent compromising text messages to Ilary, then discovered by Francesco on his wife’s mobile phone – the last drop of a jar overflowing with misunderstandings – would be Antonino Spinalbese (who is already engaged), Milanese hair stylist, model and influencer (in vying for the next GF Vip), formerly of Belen Rodriguez, from whom a year ago he had the little Luna Mar. Maybe a joke.

The pain of Totti’s mother

A fact instead that in the stands of the Tirana stadium, for the final of the Conference League, Noemi Bocchi was sitting next to Giancarlo Pantano, another historical friend of the forever Giallorossi captain. Who was upset about the separation would be Donna Fiorella, Totti’s mother, mostly for her three children. It is no secret that in her time he was not so enthusiastic about her engagement with Ilary Blasi (but not even before her, with Maria Mazza, who – even here, doubts are imposed – she would have had an investigator stalked). What are you doing with a dancer?she exclaimed to her son, as the website recalls Dagospia. Omitting for the rest of the sentence, equally colorful, which has been handed down in Rome since then and who knows if it is true: One that is with the ch … e de foro in tivv?. The not too secret dream would have been that Francesco would marry happily with Sabrina Ferilli, a true Romanist with no past Lazio sympathies, it didn’t go like this.

Lawyers at work on the estate

Certainly the lawyers are at work, and what a job. Alessandro Simeone, of Milan, for Ilary, while for Francesco Antonio Conte, the same lawyer who follows the Rome appeals and who has assisted Daniele De Rossi and now Nicol Zaniolo in their delicate private affairs, takes care of it. Because between the former golden couple Totti-Blasi there are millions to be assigned, at least five a year only of revenues from the boundless real estate assets.

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