Totti and Noemi Bocchi: the ring (twin) has arrived. And Ilary’s Smart gets a fine


Totti and Noemi Bocchi: the ring (twin) has arrived.  And Ilary’s Smart gets a fine
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The official engagement: the new partner shows off the same jewel as the Captain on her ring finger. Meanwhile, the conductor fined by the police in the center while she recovered in front of the Rolex boutique

Only thering on finger: not anymore. How can you check – with appropriate double magnification – in the last photo shoot of the couple published by the weekly WhoFrancesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi are now officially engagedso much so that they wear an identical white gold and diamond ring on the ring finger that sparkles from afar.

After the first public outing – on the occasion of the surprise party for the Captain’s birthday number 46, celebrated with friends and children on the Isola del Pescatore in Santa Severa – the two went quietly to dinner at Assunta Madre, a prestigious fish restaurant in via Giulia (specialized among other things in tiramis, the favorite dessert of the Giallorossi n.10) with a part of their extended family: some friends, her two children and little Isabel, who seems already fond of her.

From Lady Bocchi’s point of view – in a black minidress, boots and a Chanel brooch – both the jewel on her left hand and an evening together without hiding are probably the right compensation for a year spent in the shadows so as not to interfere in Francesco’s marriage. and Ilary Blasi (who in reality, as Totti revealed in the interview with Corriere, had already been wobbling for some time, before closing with the double press release of 11 July). Preliminary act of a separation that promises to be long and fought.

It was the Roma champion himself who clarified their sentimental situation, dating the love with Noemi immediately after New Year’s Eve, spent a few months as simple friends.

But in no one’s life they are always smiles. And Wednesday 12 for Totti one day sad. Two years ago, at the age of 76, died his father Enzo, called The Sheriff, a pain that has not yet died away. Francesco remembered him with a poignant story on Instagram: Two years without you written on a photo together, in the background the song by Tiziano Ferro To say hello to you. Also Cristian And Chanel have published souvenir photos of their grandfather with dedication and red hearts. Ilary today instead posted only a short video in which she advertises the protein spread of her friend Michelle Hunziker.

And the presenter of the Isola dei Famosi is the protagonist of another photo shoot by Chi. While she was shooting the famous skit in front of the Rolex shop in via Condotti, also sent to Francesco, as a supreme mockery, the traffic police were fining her for no parking and had already called the tow truck to take away the silver Smart. Precisely that, in the name of Totti, which appears in the kilometric list of assets of which the former Letterina asks for immediate restitution: designer bags, 100 pairs of shoes, belts, jewels, all the contents of his walk-in closet in the villa at Eur . The one that the ex-husband would have emptied to avenge the rat from the Rolex collection.

And which will be discussed on Friday 14 before the civil judge, a prologue to the fierce cause of separation.

Ilary returned just in time to save the car, getting away with only the fine. Perhaps it will not be so easy for her to escape unscathed from the accusation of having stolen Totti’s expensive Swiss watches, taken without her knowledge from the safe deposit box of the bank.

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