Totti-Blasi, tacit agreement and revelations on intimate life. Ilary closes in an eloquent silence


Totti-Blasi, tacit agreement and revelations on intimate life.  Ilary closes in an eloquent silence
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Nothing that is allowed filters, in what is assumed to be a long goodbye (with a lot of entry into court, probably), was negligible because, in the separation of Ilary Blasi from Francesco Tottithere is a life in between.

Twenty years and more of existence in common, properties, properties, parallel careers yet crossed due to years of coexistence and choices in common and of which just a few whisperings had really leaked, according to the details that to a certain extent continue to come out .

Totti’s interview and the Rolex war

The interview with Totti issued to Aldo Cazzullo and published on He would run is now a genre in itself, thanks to a narrative that has screwed up on the Rolex story, fueled by the surveys of Roberto D’Agostino at Domenica In (denied by Ilary’s lawyer, Alessandro Simeone), the grants and the question of the villa which is one of the reasons for the dispute.

Yes, because, as he remembers Todaythe spouses Totti they are married under the separation of assets and therefore the legal disputes if they end up in court are to be reported to those assets that remain suspended between one and the other also because of the children. As in the case of the main residence of the family Totti.

The separation of assets

There are some knots that will be dissolved with the passage of time, the confrontations between the parties through their respective lawyers and which focus on central issues, in a separation. In addition to the villa, how and when will they see the children? And to his wife, will Totti have to give something? A maintenance allowance? The last statement, then, of the friend pr Alex Nuccetelli what does it point to let believe?

Nuccetelliin his latest interview with Turquoisehe indulged in outbursts related to the life of a couple Totti and Ilary.

During the radio interview, the close friend of the forever Roma captain confirmed that between Totti and Noemi Bocchi the relationship proceeds in full harmony in terms of image and time management. Totti himself would have admitted the story with Noemi in the infamous interview, placing the start of this new relationship during the crisis he would have had with his wife Ilary: precisely the captain identified the start of their story on New Year’s Eve. Since Noemi and Totti they saw each other in secret,

“They are both very well. She didn’t ride the media wave, she behaved well. They are in tune and very cohesive, ”he commented Nuccetelli.

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The details of the relationship between Totti and Ilary

Despite the bond of affection, which he himself has often specified in previous interviews, the Roman PR would not have spared details on the couple’s emotional life.

“Love here has not been talked about for a long time in my opinion. Francesco is very fiery and hot and once, several years ago, he made this joke: ‘But this one comes back from Milan and tells me she has a headache’ and it was only the first months of the relationship, I don’t know if they continued for others twenty years “.

“For Francesco it is a complicated phase, it is not a beautiful moment. Their separation seems like a tragedy. There are frictions. The lawyers will have to do their part and they themselves have to try to put a hand on their conscience. If it had been up to Francesco, this story would not have ended. You can also take an escapade but his heart would have remained faithful always and only to the family “, added the ex-husband of Antonella Mosetti.

The tacit agreement

In the succession of events, the trials of life that have put both of them on the wall, the attempts to stem the suspicions about mutual dissatisfactions have often been null or not very incisive. So much so that Totti has been attributed flirtations, sympathies, as a Ilary, which would have been associated with two figures in particular. There are those who fear a coexistence chosen by both to try to find each other, but in this tacit agreement there would have been the sense of this union, of their family.

“In these years of tacit agreement between them, if he had had 10 lovers and she had 2, of which a long-lived story for years … A man at the top of Mediaset? Well done, well done. It seems much more serious to me. I don’t know it’s still there now, but for me there was a story there. But you don’t know how many other things we have heard here in Rome ”.

The allusion he makes Nuccetelli it is at the irreversible will of Ilary to end his marriage with Totti at an exact moment, without slipping into offensive statements or based on excess. Whatever affirmation, the war of Rolexes and bags can be staged in a separation, what remains evident and the facts concern the opposite line with respect to communication. Totti he explained some aspects, actions and situations that could influence or weigh on the merits of a separation in a classroom.

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Ilary’s choice: silence and no to Verissimo

On the other hand, the Blasi opted for discretion: never a word except some somewhat cryptic post on Instagram or stories, to seal a strategy based on silence just as close to the two press releases he had chosen the same Francis. To the media focus, the Blasi he answered with silence (an option also embraced by his family, after the initial utterances of Melory) and a rectification entrusted to his lawyer, Alessandro Simeone.

It won’t slip on anything else, Ilary. The interview announced, a kind of Blasi version of the separation, a very true it will not be done at least until the presenter wants it of the Island. For now, he has chosen to employ a very experienced lawyer who he knows just as well Annamaria Bernardini de Pacematrimonialist who supports Antonio Conte And Totti.

So, at least for now, he won’t launch any accusations by revealing details about those bags or the Rolexes or the villa del Torrino, where he could continue to live. Ilary, probably, he is waiting for something else.



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