Transfer market, star of Dortmund away to zero. Serie A awaits him


The transfer market in Serie A is ready to reopen its doors. Top clubs have already eyed the outgoing Borussia Dortmund jewel.

First a little rest, then the return to the field to reactivate the muscles and during all this a lot of preparation for the future by the clubs all over the world. This was the program that, broadly speaking, accompanied the various clubs during this period of rest due to the Qatari World Cup.

Borussia Dortmund –

The one won by Argentina in a final for strong hearts. Around the globe there are several football players, coaches and executives whose contracts are about to expire. Many sat around a table close to Christmas to talk about their renewal and they got it. Others, however, have postponed the matter to a later date.

The names that are most tempting, with a contract expiring in June 2023, are certainly that of Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema. If the French seems about to tie for life with Real Madrid, for the Flea on the other hand, a return home cannot be ruled out. And for home it goes without saying that the reference is to Barcelona. However, the next it will be another hot summer of the transfer market and anything could really happen.

Serie A transfer market: he will go away on a free transfer

Spotlights also on Italian football, given that some of the protagonists of recent years, even in their expiring, could pack their bags with the aim of finding a new accommodation elsewhere. This is the case of Milan Skriniar. Already sought after in unsuspecting times by some top-level European clubs, now could really greet Milan on a free transfer.

Serie A transfer market, shot on a free transfer
Germany at the World Cup –

Inter, replacing the Slovakian, has a particularly ambitious dream: his name is Kalidou Koulibaly. Defender currently owned by Chelsea. The nerazzurri club, however, to get to the former Napoli could offer an important counterpart. Always staying in the house of Snake, the incoming suggestion instead concerns another profile. It would be the son of art Marcus Thuram.

Put himself on display with the transalpines during the last edition of the World Cup and he too is about to expire. It is very unlikely that at this point in his career Borussia Monchengladbach will be able to find the conditions for a possible renewal. Inter and Juventus continue to monitor the situation with a view to his possible engagement.

The figures to close the deal of the year

However, the thread that binds Italy to the Bundeliga is tighter than that. Thuram, in fact, is not the only young talent about to expire who could say goodbye to Germany to make his landing in the beautiful country. According to what emerges from German sources, a concept also reaffirmed by Gazzetta dello Sport, the new Borussia Dortmund star said no to the first renewal offer.

This is the class of 2004 Youssafà Moukoko. The eighteen-year-old Dortmund centre-forward, already in the senior national team with a terrifying resume: 11 goals in 57 games (Champions League included), he is the champion of the future and there are already several teams ready to go crazy for his purchase.

According to the latest on Moukoko’s situation, the footballer would have refused because he has a precise figure in mind as regards his salary: 7 million euros. A sum that the gialloneri would not seem to want to spend at all.

Also in this case all three of the northern big names in Serie A, including Milan, are monitoring the situation and hope to be able to close what is already the deal of the year today. With attacks from all three in mid serve, Moukoko would be a breath of fresh air. Even if only to be able to hope to resell his tag at a monstrous price.

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