Transplant Simona Ventura, the terrible disease and the drama she is going through


Simona Ventura has been living for some time now with a terrible genetic disease that has entered her life, a situation that leads her and is extremely worried about the fragility of the situation.

We have already talked about it in the past, unfortunately the life of Simona Venturaone of the most loved and well-known presenters of our country, has been upset by a truly dramatic perioda terrible disease has entered his life and it is he who pays a heavy price for it.

Simona is devastated by the situation that does not seem to improve. The life of the famous presenter seems really bright, we are used to seeing her with a dazzling smile, her cheerfulness is contagious and in public she always manages to bring that shine that only she is capable of transmitting, but behind the cameras that wonderful smile vanishes and monsters take over who are attacking her for that terrible disease that has entered her life which is difficult to deal with but is necessary for the good of everyone in the family.

Simona Ventura

The terrible disease and the strength to fight it

Simona Ventura’s career is studded with great successes, obviously due not only to her incredible energy that she puts into everything she does, but also to that innate talent that allows her to be perfectly in her natural environment when she is in television studios. in front of the cameras.

So we saw it stand out in highly successful programs such as the spearhead of Rai 2, Those who footballin addition to conducting some of the most famous reality shows, always an arduous undertaking because you never know what might happen, but luck has always been able to masterfully hold the reins. Simona is a strong woman, with incredible determination and these qualities of her have been precious to her right in a truly devastating moment of private lifewhere you can look positively at life to overcome even the most difficult moments you make it not only necessary, but vital.

Just a person dear to her has been struck by a terrible disease, it is her partner, the successful Italian journalist writer, architect and TV presenter Giovanni Terzi.

The drama of Giovanni Terzi the terrible disease

Giovanni Terzi confessed to suffering from a terrible disease, after some checks and many analyzes he discovered he had a genetic condition to the lungs, something extremely delicate, a condition he inherited from his mother. Being a situation that requires a lot of care and attention, the same is forced to andcontinually enter and leave hospitals for periodic monthly checks and to undergo the appropriate therapies.

Simona Ventura

In one of his harrowing stories, in which it really hurts the heart to hear the terrible situation he is forced to live through, he also had the opportunity to talk about his partner, Simona for him is his rock, she is always close to him and supports him even in his the most difficult moments, in which discouragement and fatigue are felt overwhelmingly, the presenter is doing everything to support him in this difficult moment, following him in the treatments and therapies.

Terzi himself said that if he continues to follow the treatment undertaken in a loyal way, he may not be forced to undergo a really delicate interventionthat is to say lung transplant. A situation that would not be easy to deal with, precisely because a transplant is a devastating and totally uphill path, not only for the patient, but also for the people who are close to him.

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