“Treated in intensive care”: the yellow on Lavrov’s health thickens


“Treated in intensive care”: the yellow on Lavrov’s health thickens
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The health mystery of Sergey Lavrov thickens. The Russian foreign minister may actually have been taken to the Sanglah Hospital of Denpasar to receive some treatment after falling ill as soon as he landed in Indonesia, where the head of Russian diplomacy was to participate in the G20 in Bali. According to what was declared by hospital workers, Lavrov would have been assisted in the structure. Probably due to a heart attack or of others heart problems. Moscow had denied the news branding it as fake news. After a few hours, however, overwhelming evidence emerges.

The alleged hospitalization of Lavrov

The indiscretion was launched by Republic, who visited the Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar, the capital of the province of Bali, asking the staff for information. One of the receptionists in the Cardiology department has confirmed the presence of Lavrov: the Russian minister would have been assisted in the building, precisely in the ICCU Ward. Inside the room in question there are about ten beds and various medical machines.

L’public relations office of the hospital was professional but clear. “We can only confirm that a G20 delegation came to our hospital. She asked for medical assistance and we provided it. However, we are not authorized to give information about the delegation, the individual involved, the diagnosis or treatment‘ they said from the facility.

However, by crossing a couple of pieces of information, a very different scenario emerges from the one told by the Kremlin. ICCU, in fact, means Intensive Cardiac Care Unit. “We have two intensive care units here: the ICU, which treats all patients; and the ICCU, dedicated only to those with heart problems that require intensive interventions“, they added from the hospital office.

What happened to the Russian minister?

Lavrov could therefore have passed through the hospital’s ICCU, which is a unit expressly dedicated to patients with heart problems and in need of intensive interventions. There are no absolute certainties, but the evidence are starting to be numerous. And they suggest that the facts have gone differently than explained by Russia.

Last Monday theAssociated Press reported that Lavrov had been taken to hospital for unspecified physical problems. Local sources, both from the Indonesian government and from local health facilities, stated that the senior Russian official had received some cardiac therapy.

Nevertheless Maria Zakharovhis spokesperson, denied everything: “Sergei and I are reading the news from Indonesia, and we can’t believe our eyes: it turns out that he has been hospitalized. This, of course, is top fake news“. A photo of Lavrov followed, in Bermuda shortscomplete with a reproach to Western journalists accused of being untruthful.

The other version

The governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, provided another version. “Lavrov was taken to Sanglah Hospital for a checkups. He left the hospital after a brief checkup and his health is in good condition” said Koster. The director of governance services at the Indonesian health ministry, Dr Sunatro, confirmed that the minister had visited the facility, but that now “is fine“.

In short, Lavrov would have gone to the hospital to be treated for a serious heart problem. The most probable hypothesis is that the Russian minister has been subjected to one coronary angiography in day hospital regimen. We’re talking about an invasive exam to check if there was a heart attack.

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