Try these 10 miracle foods: true allies for bone health


Try these 10 miracle foods: true allies for bone health
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Today we show you ten miracle foods suitable for strengthening bones and muscles, health also comes from the outside so let’s stop talking and let’s see how to adjust our daily diet.

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In the age of aesthetics, looking beautiful and fit is a prerogative that many people follow. Gym, beauty treatments, physical activities are all tasks that are now carried out at least on a weekly basis.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, there is another very important element for physical well-being: nutrition. Through it, in fact, we can implement substances in our body that are very relevant for the well-being of bones and muscles.

By circumscribing the substances, certainly some vitaminsprotein and mineral salts bring specific benefits for the physique in this direction.

There are some foods that have more of them. In fact, in the article we are going to dissect the 10 miracle foods for strengthening bones and muscles.

10 foods to strengthen bones (and muscles)

The substances that in particular help to carry out these tasks are: the soccer which strengthens bones and teeth, the vitamin D which helps the body absorb calcium and protein in the muscles. Indeed, with advancing age bones and muscles they begin to lose vigor, giving hints of yielding. For this reason, through nutrition we need to bring more and more nutrients to the body.


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For the bones: dairy products

In particular there are two dairy products that lead to the strengthening of the bones. The first is definitely yogurt since it is rich in calcium and vitamin D. With a single package, you can get about 30% of the daily requirement of these substances.

The second food is instead the milk. Many adults stop drinking soon after the growth stage. Super bad habit! More or less the same is true for yogurt.

A glass of milk it is very rich in calcium and vitamin D and supplies about 30% of the daily requirement of these substances. For even better results, purchase milk with additional vitamin D added.

For the bones: main course and side dish

If you are also a fish lover, in this case you are on horseback! Two foods in particular are miraculous for this function: the first is salmonwhich in addition to improving heart conditions, provides all the daily requirement of vitamin D (80 grams).

The second one is the tuna fish. It certainly contains less vitamin than salmon but 80 grams of this fish always represent 40% of what is needed to complete the work.

Finally, as a side dish, we prepare some excellent ones spinach! They must be rigorously cooked to release all their properties. In addition to 25% of your calcium needs, they also provide plenty of fiber and iron.

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0% Fat Greek Yogurt (Photo by fortyforks AdobeStock)

For muscles: all foods to add to the diet

For muscle strengthening, you will be spoiled for choice for seconds. You can opt for some egg: calcium and protein in the same food! Another alternative is that of lean meats and the blue fish.

An ally for strengthening the muscles is definitely the peanut butter (but also the one with almonds!), perfect for a quick snack. Finally we retrace our steps once again but specifying a further scope. The plain Greek yogurt it’s perfect for providing lots of protein.

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