Tu si que vales, the competitor remains suspended tens of meters high: fear live


Tu si que vales, the competitor remains suspended tens of meters high: fear live
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Ramon Kathriner was one of the protagonists of Tu si que vales where he showed all his qualities as a tightrope walker.

Tu si que Vales, how the program works

As for the conduct of the program, it was once again entrusted to Belen Rodriguez, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni.

At their side Giulia Stabilethe winning dancer of Friends 20, known for his skill, as well as for an innate sympathy. The jury formed by remains unchanged Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbi, Teo Mammucari and Gerry Scotti. The actress Sabrina Ferilli plays the role of popular judge of the program.

The production of the format is entrusted to Charm PGT while the direction is by Massimiliano Papi, Paolo Carcano and Andrea Vicario.

There are no age or origin limits to participate in Tu Si Que Vales, you just need to be able to amaze the judges and the public with your art form.

The judges cast their votes on the basis of their skills, taking into account their experience and a good sensitivity phase.

Thanks to a Magic wand in their endowment, they have the power to interrupt, decrease or extend the duration of the performance.

The judges are very close to each other and do not hesitate to get personally involved during the performances. The very nice Gerry Scotti welcomes in his “Stable” rather clumsy artists who offer moments of pure comedy

Tu si que Vales: advances 2 July 2022

During the rerun episode tonight on Canale 5, we will see the fantastic ones performance of the different artists who will participate in the talent.

There will be dance numbers and acrobatics, jugglers with skittles and external performances, such as that of Steffen Helmer.

The German will present his robotic goalkeeper capable of parrying every shot, thanks to the presence of a computer mechanism. There will also be a number of acrobatic karate proposed by a nineteen year old, who will create a choreography with some moves.

There will be an opera performance with No sleep from Giacomo Puccini and also Sabrina Ferilli she will be involved in a number of “dangerous juggling”.

It will then be the turn of a baker who performs singing “Look at the moon” from Fred Bongusto. His performance will earn him a place in the Stable from Gerry Scotti.

There will also be someone who will tell jokes and will not miss the little character with the Red hood who will steal the trolley of Sabrina Ferilli.

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Giulia Stabilewinner of Friends 20 will participate in a hilarious curtain with Martin Castrogiovanni. In the previous episode the two had challenged each other in dance steps, while in this one it will be Giulia having to get away with rugby.

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Tu si que vales, the competitor remains suspended tens of meters high

Ramon he highlighted himself with his number of the double wheel of death. The stuntman had the courage to jump over the two wheels.

The latter twirling brought Ramon several meters in height. When he looked like he might be in trouble, the competitor freed himself from the impasse with a thrilling somersault.

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