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If something hadn’t worked in the second year, thanks to the pandemic, incredibly the third Sanremo allows Amadeus to surpass himself by ringing audience and sales records. Such a success that he was reconfirmed, well in advance, by Rai for the following 2 years. For the rest, Soliti Ignoti is the usual guarantee, they held the evenings at the Arena. Chills.



Maria DeFilippi

The supremacy of Maria De Filippi, on the entertainment front, is a certainty that is renewed every year. C’è Posta Per Te is the most watched program with over 5 million viewers and a share of over 28%; excellence is also achieved by Tu Si Que Vales, Friends and Men and Women. And in 2023 the total audience is expected which will make the already monstrous numbers rise even more. From a production point of view, the last year coincided with the disappointing Ultima Fermata. The announced (by Mediaset) Talpa is not even seen on the horizon. The Crown.



Serena Rossi

Without launching into proclamations or being celebrated, Serena Rossi closes a year at the top. You represented the soul of La Sposa (6.9 million for the last episode and resounding success also in Spain) and of Mina Settembre, ensuring a shower of requests. First a film on Sky, just released, then a serial production by Disney+. Stay calm.



little flower


2022 marks the return of Fiorello to the full field in the cathodic arena. After having to digest (the wicked) downgrading on Rai2, he took his revenge by humiliating TG1 and making even more noise. The Sicilian showman turns on the morning of the moribund second network and does so with a project capable of bringing him back to the center of the media scene after years in which laziness and fear of ratings had prevailed. The Return of the King.



Silvia Toffanin

Step by step, Silvia Toffanin has built an easy but uphill route. Verissimo has consolidated, becoming a solid brand and giving a strong signal in terms of image for Canale 5. Only be careful in the long term not to get trapped in the “tears” and “I’ll tell you about a disgrace” mood. Call me by my name.



Milly Carlucci

Dancing with the Stars is back from a live edition, which captivated viewers on the first and second screen. Thanks to the painstaking work of Milly Carlucci who a few years ago understood the viral potential of her transmission, giving it new splendor and dodging the risk of monotony. Too bad for The Masked Singer, with which Milly averted the worst without however being able to give it a figure but shaping it in Dancing with the Stars sauce in an attempt to catch that loyal audience. Milly these days.



Gabriel Courses

For Warner Bros. Discovery, Gabriel Corsi has proved to be a recognized and recognizable face to rely on. The success you don’t expect is that of Don’t Forget the Lyrics which, thanks to karaoke and nostalgia, with a clean management, exceeded 4% share in the last episode. Corsi then tried his hand again with the Eurovision Song Contest and with the avoidable Farmer Looking for a Wife. On the piece.



Stephen DeMartino

Stefano De Martino has matured and grown professionally by bridging the media gap with his wife Belen Rodriguez. He has an elegant bearing from him that does not translate into arrogance (indeed the mask) for the mix of Neapolitan style and gossip background. lack of authority. In double edition, Stasera Tutto E’ Possibile confirmed the success and ability of the landlord to put himself at the service of the format. Bar Stella, on the other hand, won the three-way match in the late evenings of Rai2. Double step.



Francesca Fagnani

In 2022 Francesca Fagnani left her mark. Merit of the interviews of her Beasts who, little by little, began to cross the boundaries of the niche. And in the new year, which will open with the incursion into Sanremo, the consecration could be just around the corner. What kind of beast do you feel? Francesca Fagnani.



Drusilla Foer

The lights of Sanremo have suddenly given popularity to Gianluca Gori in the role of Drusilla Foer. A valid character, supported by the press and social media, whose flame, however, soon lost its ardor. The solo Almanacco in the early evening of Rai2 was an overly ambitious and opinionated project. Icarus.

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