Twist Alfonso Signorini risks losing everything for those horrible words


Alfonso Signorini this time risks losing everything and even his fans in one fell swoop. The latest announcement pissed everyone off. The web explodes. Here’s what happened.

Alfonso Signorini, for the uninitiated, is a journalist and television presenter with a brilliant career full of satisfactions and successes behind him.

After Laura in classical literature, he immediately devoted himself to journalism and after a constant apprenticeship he landed on important weeklies such as Whoof which he was director e TV smiles and songs.

Probably those who have always been used to seeing him on TV or the younger ones, will not know that his debut on television was with Piero Chiambretti is in the Chiambretti program.

The sixth season of the Big Brother Vip which, as we have told you several times, was broadcast on Canale 5 for six months. Signorini was joined by two exceptional commentators: Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli.

Everything seemed calm and there was talk in recent weeks of the next potential competitors of the most famous house of television. But what was the fuse that ignited the powders and caused chaos among Signorini’s fans?

Alfonso Signorini, the fans go wild

Well, the cause of so much chaos among fans and also within the program does not concern the next edition which is already carefully preparing, looking for new competitors among many VIP proposals; but Signorini’s “mistake” has to do with a statement on abortion that the presenter made when the broadcast was still in progress.

If you remember well Signorini’s phrase that caused the uproar was: “We are against abortion in all its forms”. Of course, such a sentence shocked public opinion and in particular all those who have been fighting for a long time to legalize abortion everywhere.

Even the fans of Signorini were surprised and disappointed (at least those who are in favor of abortion as an expression of female freedom of choice) and of course, as often happens, public opinion was divided in two. Meanwhile, Endemol and the show’s own commentators have distanced themselves from a similar statement.

But the surprising statements of Alfonso Signorini did not end here and once again the public is divided. Alfonso Signorini, in fact, has decided the names of two new competitors of the GF Vip and not everyone is enthusiastic about the choice.

As soon as these names came up, chaos broke out again. The first is that of the model Chadia Rodriguez just twenty-two years old and so far nothing to say, except that the second name that comes up officially is none other than Pamela Prati.

She is the queen of the media storms of recent years, the woman who has been talked about so much because of the big scam mounted around her alleged marriage with the nonexistent Mark Caltagirone.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that in the period in which Alfonso Signorini was a columnist for the GF then led by Ilary Blasi, it was he who criticized Pamela Prati for asking for a taxi to pick her up outside the GF’s house.

But we know well that the public does not forget certain things and therefore at Signorini’s announcement they were all unleashed with not very nice comments that underline the inconsistency of certain television.

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