Twitter, Musk towards resignation: a new CEO is being sought


Twitter, Musk towards resignation: a new CEO is being sought
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Elon Musk is looking for a new CEO for Twitter. To announce it is the cnbc which recalls how the Tesla boss had previously stated that his position as CEO would be temporary. “I expect to reduce my time on Twitter and find someone else to manage Twitter over time,” he said last November. However, in a tweet in recent days he had pointed out that there is no successor. Meanwhile, however, the king is naked. And it was the “his of him” who stripped him of his people who in a poll on Twitter voted in favor of resignation from the social network. But for several hours after the online consultation about his fate on the platform, Musk remained silent. In fact, the entrepreneur has decided not to comment – ​​as he usually does – directly on the tweet of the survey in which more than 17 million users. However, after several hours it reappeared “obliquely” on social media, which he bought in October for 44 billion dollars. He did it first by replying with a laconic “interesting” to the tweet of a user who, pointing out the relationship between votes in the poll and related “likes”, wondered if it hadn’t been manipulated by an army of bot. So Musk welcomed another idea suggested by a user: to have only users vote on platform issues. premium subscribers who have obtained (for a fee, according to the new system) the longed-for blue check. “Excellent observation. Twitter will make that change,” Musk wrote in response to the suggestion. Then, silence again.

The “revenge” of Mastodon

While Musk prepares the next move, always in the storm of accusations and controversies, the lunge of the social network that has benefited most from the critical transition of Twitter arrives: Mastodon. In fact, since Elon Musk completed the acquisition of Twitter at the end of October, the social network’s counters on the number of active users have gone crazy. This was revealed by the founder of the social network himself, Eugene Rochko. «Between October and November the number of active users from 300 thousand took off until 2.5 million, with more and more journalists, politicians, writers, actors and organizations relocating,” reads a statement released today by Rochko. And then: «Understanding that the freedom of the press is absolutely essential to a functional democracy, we are thrilled to see Mastodon grow and become a household name in newsrooms around the world and are committed to continuing to improve our software to meet the new challenges that will come with rapid growth and increasing demand.

Convocation to the European Parliament

The restoration of Donald Trump’s account, the continuous layoffs of company staff, the farewell to the anti-disinformation policy on the Coronavirus, but also the banning of some journalists are just some of the reasons that prompted the president of Parliament European, Roberta Metsola, to write to Elon Musk to ask him to testify before the EU legislative body. «Twitter does not unknowingly become a catalyst for hate speech, election interference and disinformation», writes the president in her letter of invitation to Elon Musk viewed by theHandle. In fact, for Metsola the social media “plays a central role in the democratic life of the European Union and allows for the possibility of a civil discourse”. In the invitation Metsola also recalls that the European Parliament has recently adopted the digital services law and is currently working on a regulation on transparency and the targeting of online political advertising. “Your presence in the European Parliament would allow us to have a frank discussion in public,” she concludes.

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