Two eggs a day and keep the doctor away: how can they help our health?


Eating two eggs a day could improve many aspects of our health: from hair to eyesight passing through the skin. And not only!

Health, as has always been demonstrated, can improve or deteriorate based on what we decide to consume. And, often, the simplest and least sought-after things have important and positive implications for us.

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In this article we want to talk about a food that certainly never fails on the Italian table. Certainly, at least once or twice a week, there are those who consume eggs, regardless of the type of cooking. However, we are not so much interested in understanding what an egg is made of, but in how two eggs, often consumed, can bring benefits to many aspects of our health. And, we must admit, that this discovery is not a merit of modern scientists, but of the populations that preceded us.

For example, as he tells us Diodorus Siculusan ancient Greek historian, eggs were eaten a lot in Ancient Egypt. Indeed, not only were chickens raised, but a system was created for the incubation of the eggs themselves. The chicken egg was particularly popular in Greecewhere the doctor Galen he claimed that it should be consumed especially by the elderly every day. Finally, i Romans they loved to feast on bread, eggs, wine and olives before dinner.

Well, after traveling through time a bit, we can take a look at other aspects that affect our health. For example, a recent study conducted in Austria showed that cold and hot temperatures are responsible for some cardiovascular diseases. More than ourselves, however, coffee in pods seriously harms the health of the environment: here, then, is the green solution to adopt. That said, let’s focus on our two eggs.

All the benefits you didn’t expect on consuming two chicken eggs

Without going around too much, let’s immediately discover the cards. Consuming two eggs a day gives one big jolt of energy to our body because of the healthy fats and proteins that eggs have in them. So, this will surely act as a reservoir to draw on for all the activities to be done in the day. Eggs are also excellent allies in terms of memory, thanks to choline, a very important amino acid for our nervous system. In fact, the same stimulates brain function, but also improves the liver and reduces bad cholesterol.

The two eggs that we decide to consume also possess vitamin D, essential for bones and teeth due to the presence of soccer. Furthermore, the proteins of such a food are also beneficial to muscles. Also there view may benefit from eating two eggs. This is due to the presence of vitamin A, but also of lutein, with which cataracts and eye degeneration are prevented.

In Canada, at the University of Alberta, researchers have shown that eating two eggs a day can greatly prevent the encounter with cardiovascular diseases. All this is possible thanks to the presence of antioxidants in eggs. Finally, biotin, present in eggs, prevents the hair loss and the possible generation of dermatitis. If so, those working to avoid all of this are the amino acids found in egg white. These stimulate the collagen process, so you always have young skin.

Other interesting information

After illustrating the main benefits of two eggs a day, let’s get to know other aspects of them more closely. Eggs are made up of protein, calcium, iodine, selenium, vitamins B, A, D and E, and choline. Some research has underlined how human beings can consume even three eggs a day without harming their health.

Indeed, in 2018, a scientific investigation demonstrated how eating this food every day could only be good for us. Going into more detail, eggs were said to be beneficial for the heart and blood circulation. Furthermore, it was also possible to control the fats present in the latter.

The information in the article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, they are not a substitute for medical or specialist advice, and should not be considered in formulating treatment or diagnosis.

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