UeD, Gianluca and the needs in bed: Maria is shocked then humiliates him

UeD, Gianluca and the needs in bed: Maria is shocked then humiliates him
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Ends in the center of chaos a Men and women the new knight of this edition Gianluca. The latter had already generated some suspicion during the last episode, when the acquaintance of him with Sara Zilli it was starting. In particular, to generate doubts in the lady was his propensity to know Gloria di lei, several years younger than her. Even when Maria De Filippi he asked him who he would dance with between the two, Gianluca mentioned the name of the young lady. This led Sara to leave the study center and return to her place.

Today Gianluca del Trono Over he goes back to the study center and Sara says she only heard him a few times after what happened. Zilli still appears quite disappointed and is not willing to put aside her dignity. At a certain point in the confrontation, during which Stefania and Alberta also sit in the study center, Maria reports a story made to the editorial staff. Going into detail, she lets it be known that Sara said that, during their outings, Gianluca has often spoken of his intimate “needs” and “habits”!

In particular, he revealed his numbers to Sara, which made him suspicious. Maria De Filippi to Men and Women immediately proves that she too has suspicions about Gianluca. She points out that “it’s curious” the fact that a man goes out to dinner with a woman and makes his bed habits clear to her. “All evening you talked about the quality and quantity necessary for him to be well”says Queen Mary.

Not only that, the hostess says herself “Very impressed” come on numbers revealed by Gianluca to Sara. Gianni Sperti and Tina Cipollari are very curious to find out how many times the knight would feel the need to make love a day. Initially, Zilli does not want to reveal anything else publicly and then, as if to put an end to this curiosity, she says a number, 3. It could be random and not correspond to the numbers revealed by Gianluca.

In fact, the lady admits that she does not want to reveal the truth. It turns out that she too talked with Alberta about these habits of hers, while with Stefania she did not. “It’s not a necessity, there are those who don’t like it”, explains Gianluca, who appears visibly in trouble! And it is these numbers that have made Sara Zilli very suspicious. Maria explains the lady hypothesis.

Since he has these “Needs and habits”taking into account the fact that the passion has not broken out with any of the ladies, he could have “Of visits outside the program”. The situation becomes even more tense for Gianluca, as with Biagio Di Maro. The latter confesses that he knows some unpleasant things about his colleague.

The latter would live in the same area where Biagio’s uncles live. A person, of whom Di Maro also gives his name and surname, would have told him not very nice facts.

“I know who he is, what he does and how he moves. This vice has it with all women. Don’t make me say names and surnames. Who do you bring in the house? You are not a man who respects women. You like young women and girls too, I can confirm that. I know what I am saying. If you get up and leave, you make a better impression, before other things come out “

Biagio appears very sure of his statements, also because he reports the name of the neighborhood and the person who told him everything. Obviously, the program made viewers not hear this private information. For the rest, the public has the opportunity to hear everything and, for the first time, they feel they have to believe Di Maro.

Maria jokes about the situation, laughing and joking about what is coming out. Lately, the presenter does not want to hold back her points of view, as happened yesterday with Riccardo Guarnieri.

“That is, in the neighborhood we know that he… understood? All the ladies of the neighborhood know him for these performances of him. But things are discovered … “

And it doesn’t end here, De Filippi confronts Sara in front of Gianluca: “I’m 60 too like Sara, you would hang out with me”. Perplexed, the knight answers yes. “What changes between me and her? Is it the money that changes? We are the same age you and I “. His response generates even more bad mood: “Physically there are those who wear them better”.

Both Sara and Maria joke about it, while Alberta admits she understands that “He is very liar” during their last outing.

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