Unexpected stork at UeD, scoop: the lady “is pregnant” | The news shocks all of Italy


Wonderful news for the lady of the well-known UeD television program, the stork is coming for her. Here are all the details about it and above all who it actually is.

Unexpected stork at UeD –

In the past hour a splendid news has begun to circulate on the web, which sees as the undisputed protagonist an adorable lady who over time has won the benevolence and affection of the entire public.

On the other hand, when you decide to undertake a path within a program of this magnitude it is almost obvious to obtain such visibilitythe affection that viewers begin to feel for the cast members, however, is directly proportional to the behavior of the latter.

The very careful cameras shoot every moment and often, unfortunately, we begin to know gods sides of the character of the protagonists that could annoy the audience itself.

With her, however, it never happened, on the contrary, viewers have always understood the nature of her actions and have always supported her from a distance. Even after her experience in her studio ended, her fans continued to constantly show their love for her.

Ladies of Men and Women
Ladies of Men and Women –

Sometimes, however, it can happen that their insistence can somehow affect his own privacy leaking news that you private. So let’s see in detail what it actually is and above all who.

Is the stork coming for the famous UeD lady? Here are all the details about it

As we have already anticipated in the last few hours on the web, a surprising news has begun to circulate, which sees one of the most loved women as the protagonist at the intent of the well-known program by Maria De Filippi.

We are undoubtedly talking about the now famous Beatrice Valli, who according to many is pregnant with her fourth child. However, it seems that the stork will not really arrive since, according to what even reported by Tv previewsthat would be a silly misunderstanding.

Beatrice Valli
Beatrice Valli –

The latter, however, although done in good faith, seems to have particularly bothered the woman. Which she in fact she has decided to express her thoughts about it with polite but very strong tones.

“I find it really not very nice every time to ask or affirm that I am, but keeping it hidden, which in reality I could also do because I don’t have to say it right away, on the contrary” he explained a bit. Also because perhaps behind this question there is nothing wrong but sometimes things that hurt are hidden, in which one is going through suffering or simply does not want to externalize it “.

These are precisely her words about the chatter about her new pregnancy. Well, sometimes, diehard fans tend to exaggerate, even putting the person concerned in difficulty.

We must respect the privacy of people without coming to foolish, hasty conclusions as there may be a world behind what is shown to us. It now appears that this topic has come to an end.

Needless to say, if Beatrice gets pregnant again, if she wants to make it public, she will have to communicate it herself.

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