“Unfortunately, he does not have many years left” Alfonso Signorini, the unpublished drama – the Democrat – Giornale di Libera Information


“Unfortunately, he does not have many years left” Alfonso Signorini, the unpublished drama – the Democrat – Giornale di Libera Information
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The unpublished drama unveiled by the conductor of Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini: this is what happened, the details of the story

One of the conductors who has always shown that he has a point in favor of the others as regards the world of gossip and entertainment is him, Alfonso Signorini. In addition to his activity as director of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni and the weekly magazine Chi, he has led several editions of the most watched reality show in Italy, Grande Fratello Vip, and has taken on the role of columnist for years. Recently, however, he unveiled a drama that left the audience speechless.

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An extremely cultured person who has been able to enhance the world of entertainment and has been able to make himself known for his stubbornness and extreme professionalism. Once completed his studies, the man graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, achieving the specialization in Medieval Philosophy. At the same time he also dedicates his time to the Conservatory and graduates.

In 2008 his career continued and he became director of the weekly magazine Chi and later also of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni. The television debut, on the other hand, is associated with the year 2002 where he participates in the well-known show Chiambretti C’e broadcast on Rai 2 and, following other programs, as a commentator. In 2009, before Silvia Toffanin, he conducted an edition of Verissimo together with Paola Perego, hiring for years the role of columnist in numerous reality shows such as GF and The Island of the Famous.

Recently he was at the helm of some editions of the most watched reality show in Italy and this year he ended up in the storm for a sentence pronounced on abortion. A phrase from which also the production company Endemol has distanced itself communicating it through a press release: “In yesterday’s episode of Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini expressed his opinion on an important and sensitive issue such as that of abortion, which is a right of every woman enshrined in our legal system. While respecting everyone’s opinions, as Endemol Shine Italy we express our distance from his personal position […]”.

The curiosities of viewers are always very wide and recently a drama was unveiled that no one expected.

The unpublished drama by Alfonso Signorini

the disease that leaves everyone speechless (web photo)

During an episode of the last edition of Gf Vip, Alfonso Signorini uttered a sentence that made us reflect but above all left the world of gossip and entertainment speechless.

The conductor would have uttered a sentence that, according to many, was worrying and enigmatic: For what little I have left to live “.

A very curious social user has decided to contact a gossip expert on social networks named social investigator asking the reason for the sentence pronounced by Signorini, and here is the surprise. The latter specified: “Signorini said it ironically but also seriously. Alfonso has leukemia and unfortunately does not have many years left. Giacomo Urtis is a great friend of his and he smiled (he loves him and knows the truth) ”.

This disease was confirmed by the person concerned who spoke about it publicly in an interview and on social media, reassuring that he managed to get out of it and for this reason the danger of life was averted, even if he continues to be under observation.

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