Unieuro: buy a promotional product, a Teklio bike or scooter as a gift


A unique gift

Only Unieuro can give you a gift like this“. This is how the latest Unieuro idea is called: by purchasing one of the selected products on offer, you receive in gift 1 Fat Bike or 1 electric scooter Teklio with contribution of 79 €.

The initiative is active from today and you have time to participate until 23 June 2022!

To get the super gift you can do your shopping both at all stores under the Unieuro banner and all those whose banner contains the Unieuro trademark, both online on the official website.

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THE gifts to choose from are the following:

  1. Fat bike Teklio

    A Teklio branded bicycle with folding steel frame, 20 ”x4” fat tires and Richeng 6-speed gearbox.

    Value equal to € 299.90.

  2. Teklio electric scooter

    A foldable Teklio brand electric scooter, with LED display, direction indicators and up to 20Km of autonomy.)

    To get it, you need to pay a contribution of 79 €!

    Value equal to € 379.90.

If you opt for the Teklio scooter, upon payment of the contribution of 79 €for this fee you will be issued with the relevant receipt (in the case of points of sale) or digital receipt (in the case of the e-commerce site).

How to receive the Unieuro gift?

Participating is very easy as long as, by June 23, go to the official Unieuro website and buy at least one product among those in promotion.

Within 180 days from the date of purchase you will receive your gift.

Remember that to get one or more Teklio scooters you will have to pay a contribution of 79 € for each.

Important information

Each product in promotion purchased entitles you to a premium. So just in case purchased more promotional productsyou will have the right to choose between:
• as many Teklio bikes;
• upon payment of the respective contributions of € 79 for each, the same number of Teklio scooters;
• a total number of Teklio bikes and scooters equal to the number of promotional products purchased.

Keep in mind that Teklio bikes are produced in two different colors (black and white) and they are all of equal value and technical characteristics. Therefore, the color of the delivered bicycle will depend on the stocks present in warehouses.

You have the right to obtain the bike or, upon payment of the € 79 contribution, the scooter, even if between 10 and 23 June 2022 you will make the reservation of a product that adheres to the initiative with subsequent collection at the point of sale and balance of the amount due with consequent issue of a receipt. In this case, the tmaximum term of 180 days for the relative delivery of the prize will start from the date the product was booked and not from the date of issue of the relevant receipt.

For more information, please go to the Unieuro official website and of consult the official rules (which also has the complete table of all the products participating in the initiative)!

We leave you here some of the products on offer:

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

€ 549.90
€ 749.90

Sony BRAVIA 4K UltraHD

€ 749.90
€ 1149

iRobot Roomba i6 vacuum cleaner

€ 499.90
€ 699.90

Bosch Series 4 SGS4HVI33E dishwasher

€ 599.90
€ 679.90

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

€ 469.90

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