Vaccine for over 60s: a hub for every 50,000 inhabitants, an audience of 12 million – Health & Wellness


Vaccine for over 60s: a hub for every 50,000 inhabitants, an audience of 12 million – Health & Wellness
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A vaccination hub every 50,000 inhabitants, supplemented by other vaccination points at permanent health facilities such as hospitals, health centers, general practitioners and pharmacies. This is one of the passages of the guidelines, after the circular from the Ministry of Health, on the extension of the vaccination audience to over 60 recipients of the second booster dose as part of the anti Sars-CoV-2 / Covid-19 vaccination campaign, sent to the Regions by the general Thomas Petroni, Director of the Vaccination Campaign Completion Unit. The audience is estimated at around 12 million from which to take away those who will be healed.

To complete the plan of the second recall of the anti-Covid vaccine for the over 60, and taking into account the indicated audience, “the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces are invited to set up a dedicated organization” to reach a national target of daily administrations ” which should amount to at least 100,000 doses, then evaluating the evolution of the epidemiological picture and any further indications from the Italian and European health authorities “, writes Petroni, in the guidelines. “In an epidemiological scenario characterized by a highly diversified immunization of the population, resulting in many cases from vaccinations and previous infections, the involvement of the general practitioner appears essential to propose the most suitable schedule to the individual”, writes the director of the Unit completion of the vaccination campaign.

“It is a mistake to wait for the updated vaccine. Today, vaccines, although created on the original virus, work very well against the severe form of the disease, even against the Omicron variant and its sub-variants. To that we must strive: to avoid therapy intensive and hospital “. Thus the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri to the microphones of Radio Capital on the 4 / a dose. For next autumn “no restrictive measures are foreseen”, added Sileri who also expressed himself against the use of masks at school: “I think that under a certain age it is not necessary,” he said.

The mask “is probably used for a more late adolescent population”, said Sileri, who remarked that today even the most fragile population is in a condition of greater safety than in the past: “Today our elderly are vaccinated and have reminder: circulation in the younger population shouldn’t do much harm, “he said. For the undersecretary, moreover, “there will be fluctuations in the circulation of the virus. But it is a situation that cannot be superimposed on that of the last two and a half years” in terms of hospitalizations. In the long run, coexistence with Covid “will mean that we will behave with this group of viruses and all the variants exactly as we do with other viruses that damage the flu. It will enter the list of viruses against which we should be vaccinated every year”, Sileri concluded.

“We have had an increase in the administration of vaccines of about 40%, mainly fourth doses,” Alessio D’Amato, the Lazio Region Health Councilor, told ANSA.

Fiaso, in hospitals + 35% of the total hospitalized
The increase in Covid patients in hospitals continues. In one week, from 5 to 12 July, in the hospitals belonging to the sentinel network of Fiaso, the number of hospitalized patients increased by 35.5%. A significant jump from the 19% increase recorded in the previous week. From the weekly analysis, however, a different trend emerges in the curves between the occupation of ordinary wards and intensive care. Against an increase of 38% of hospitalized in ordinary wards (infectious diseases, internal medicine) there is a very slight decline of 7% in resuscitation (equal to 3 fewer patients). The phenomenon is in line with the trend of the epidemic in the general population: hospitalizations, in fact, grow with the typical delay of 6-7 days on infections. According to the Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospitals, the data also seem to confirm that the new variant of Omicron has a high rate of contagiousness but milder symptoms thanks to vaccines. Among the patients hospitalized in the ordinary wards 21% are no vax while among the vaccinated 68% have received the last dose for over 6 months now. Among the hospitalized, to date, 45% concern patients ‘For Covid’, with respiratory and pulmonary pathologies typical of Covid; “The other 55%, on the other hand – notes Fiaso – is made up of patients with Covid, found incidentally positive for the swab before hospitalization but in hospital to treat other diseases”. Finally, “in intensive care – concludes Fiaso – given the low numbers, it can be said that there is substantial stability”.

Among the smallest after the jump of 5 July, hospitalizations have decreased slightly. In the four pediatric hospitals and in the pediatric wards of the hospitals belonging to the sentinel network of Fiaso, the number of hospitalized fell by 8%. Children between the ages of 0 and 4 end up in hospital, representing a total of 73% of hospitalized patients.

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