Vaccines, the sensational complaint of the Japanese professor on adverse effects


Vaccines, the sensational complaint of the Japanese professor on adverse effects
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We suggest, among the many testimonies of scientists, doctors and researchers who denounce the damages of these experimental drugs (that is, adopted after six months of testing, instead of the usual ten years which are the norm), that of dr. Masanori Fukushimaprofessor emeritus at Kyoto University in a session with the Ministry of Health that appeared two days ago.

There is the original video in Japanese translated with subtitles in ten different languages ​​and that nobody disputed: The damage caused by vaccines is now a worldwide problem. Half of the deaths after vaccination are due to cardiovascular and cardiac damage… the natural immunity that initially protected the majority of the Japanese population has been suppressed… now those who get sick are the vaccinated…”. Authoritative Japanese academic sources have confirmed the veracity of the news and that the statements have caused a sensation in the country, irritating the government.

But the sensational thing is the furious tone of the professor speaking in front of the Minister of Health, banging his fists on the table and practically yelling without anyone daring to interrupt him. The list of scientists who say these things is getting longer and lawsuits are multiplying, requests for damages and even suspensions of Pfizer and Moderna products (for example in Florida, where health authorities now advise against them under 45 years).

Mortality statistics indeed say that there have never been as many deaths in the last decade in industrial countries as in 2021 and 2022. The deaths are many more for all age groups under 75 than in 2020, when there was the first wave of Covid-19, but not yet vaccines. We report here the official mortality statistics of the European Observatory on Mortality, those that no TV or newspaper has so far ever wanted to mention even if they have been circulating in the independent media for two years and are precisely the official European statistics.

Just compare, as anyone can do by going to the Observatory website, the total number of deaths in 2022 so far and in 2021 with those of previous years. It can be seen that compared to the pre-Covid years, there are about 10,000 more deaths under the age of 44 and about 60 more deaths between the ages of 45 and 65. By vaccinating almost all the dead they had to return to normal, instead there have been about 70 thousand more so far. But even compared to 2020 (highlighted in gray), there are over 20,000 more.

In the age group of young people and working adults, therefore the population group that has a life expectancy of 60 years or at least another 20 years, there were about 70,000 more deaths than the “normal” average, from when vaccinating, i.e. in 2021 and 2022. As can be seen, the dead are also many more than in 2020, when there was the first and heaviest wave of Covid, but there was still no vaccination. But the thing to insist on is that compared to the average of the years before Covid, there are about 70,000 excess deaths in Europe, so these experimental vaccines have made the situation worse.

These are war numbers. For example, Von der Leyen said yesterday and then immediately denied that 100,000 Ukrainians have died in combat so far. The Ukrainian government immediately corrected her (and she even deleted the video) saying there are 13,000. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between, perhaps 50 or 60 thousand died in the war. But in Europe, among adults and not old people, since 2021 there have been around 60,000 deaths in excess of the average, in excess of what is statistically and normally expected. We need, as this important professor of Medicine in Japan claimed this week before the commission of the Ministry of Health, commissions of inquiry into all these deaths and the other tens of thousands of people damaged by the vaccine.

Speaking of Japan, how come it has had less than ten times the deaths of Italy? As this professor explains in session with the Ministry, because Japanese doctors immediately treated with steroids.

In Japan they didn’t tell doctors that there were no drugs on the market that they could use, as the authorities in Italy did.

Paolo Becchi and Giovanni Zibordi, 3 December 2022

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