Vaccini, Bassetti drops the bomb: “Fourth dose? There is no proof to be done to 60-year-olds” – Claudio Romiti


Vaccini, Bassetti drops the bomb: “Fourth dose? There is no proof to be done to 60-year-olds” – Claudio Romiti
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Regarding the catchphrase of fourth dose the anti-Covid vaccine, alias second booster, it looks like the Ministry of Health is short of authoritative medical scientists willing to put their face on it. So much so that, to create a relative propaganda spot, together with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, it has mobilized no less than the Nobel Prize for physics, Giorgio Parisi.

Bassetti’s criticisms

All of this immediately sparked the harsh reaction of Matteo Bassetti, who heavily ridiculed the embarrassing initiative, as reported in great detail by AdnKronos Salute. “Here is the Italian campaign for the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine – begins the Genoese infectious disease specialist-. Who is it that advises Italians to do it because it protects against serious illness and because if you are 60 you are more at risk? A distinguished university infectious disease specialist? An internationally renowned immunologist? A hygienist who has devoted his entire life to vaccine research? No. The leading Italian vaccine expert chosen by the Minister of Health is Professor Parisi, Nobel Prize in Physics. “

“No to the fourth dose to anyone”

Then Bassetti deals a nice direct to those responsible for this improvised initiative, Roberto Speranza in the lead: “I have the utmost respect for Parisi as a physicist, he represents a great Italian pride in the field of physics. But when he says everyone needs to wear a mask, or when praises the benefits of vaccines for 60-year-olds, I find that it is beyond his skills. The problem is not with him, but with those who ask him to do so. ” However, adds Bassetti, marking the root of the message put in Parisi’s mouth, “the question is not just who puts his face on it, but it is the message you want to give, and I I would never have put my face on the fourth dose bringing together 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100s. People who have a completely broken immune system, compared to those who have a perfectly functioning immune system. “

Disaster on the vaccination campaign

But that’s not enough. Like a raging river that has broken its banks, he bluntly attacks the latest choices of the Ministry headed by Speranza. After arguing that “there is no scientific work that proves that a healthy 60-year-old should take the fourth dose today “, according to the infectious disease specialist of the San Martino di Genova “the one on the second booster is“ a vaccination campaign that started badly and is going very badly, because the numbers are merciless. This in my opinion – Bassetti emphasizes – poses a big problem for next autumn, because the worse the vaccination campaign is today, the worse the situation will be next autumn. The Ministry got it all wrong on this “.

Then ours inflicts the final coup de grace: “With this last, umpteenth act we understand how the Ministry of Health skills and merit in the field of Covid need to be profoundly updated, reviewed and changed “. A radical change of course that we aperturists of the first hourwe would like to softly remind the most distracted, we have been invoking since the dawn of a policy of containment and mitigation of the absolutely insane pandemic.

But since the political elections are approaching, in which the most uncompromising Taliban health they will try in every way to capitalize on the lies told so far, in addition to the avalanche of expensive expired vaccines to be disposed of, Bassetti’s sacrosanct wish will only come true the day after September 25th. Provided that the sovereign people, still rather frightened by the liturgy of terror, do not decide to confirm the aforementioned health Taliban in power. A perspective that I would not even want to think about.

Claudio Romiti, July 28, 2022

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