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Vanessa Incontrada, the touching confession. Source: Mediaset – newsby

Vanessa Incontrada recently told in an interview that she still suffers a lot for love and has revealed her deepest desire.

It seems that the troubled but certainly very emotional love story between Vanessa Incontrada and Rossano Laurini is over, after many years of relationship and a son. Due to the reasons not yet revealed, the two have probably chosen to take different paths, even if, as Vanessa said in an interview with Vanity Fair, there will always be a special relationship between them.

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Vanessa Incontrada, the touching confession. Source: Mediaset – newsby

Does Vanessa Incontrada want to go back to her husband?

In the interview with Vanity Fair in fact, Incontrada admitted that she was facing a very peculiar moment in her life in which he needs to be on his own and reflect. However, she has no intention of raising any wall against anyone and she intends to remain an integral part of the life of her son Isal and Laurini, to whom she is deeply attached.

It is certainly a period of great confusion for Incontrada, who admitted to the weekly DiPiù that she still suffers a lot for love and that she wants another child. Clearly these new revelations have given fans of the host a lot to think about. Maybe Vanessa has regretted having distanced herself from Laurini and now suffers from her distance? Many are convinced of this, as they are certain that Incontrada now wishes to expand the family again with her ex.

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Rossano Laurini and Vanessa Incontrada. Source: Instagram – newsby

However, the question is still very nebulous, but what is certain is that moments of great sentimental confusion can happen to everyone and it is absolutely legitimate to retrace one’s steps. Obviously, not knowing the reason that prompted the two to split we cannot know if there will be room for a flashbackbut that’s certainly what fans are hoping for.

Vanessa Incontrada, the film story with Laurini

The story between the Incontrada and Laurini, on the other hand, it is quite similar to that of a film and extremely romantic. In fact, the two met when they were both still engaged with other people. Vanessa with her first husband Andrea Palmieri and Laurini with the latter’s sister. During a dinner for four, the spark seems to have struck between them and in the end they left their respective partners to get together.

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Vanessa and Rossano Laurini together. Source: Instagram – newsby

Some later accused Incontrada of having “stolen the husband” of her ex’s sister, Andrea. She charges that the presenter has always strongly rejected. Indeed, according to her words, the relationship between Laurini and his ex had been worn out for a long time and now their love story could be said to be over for a while. “When these things happen there is already a fracture. Love can’t be stolen,” said Vanessa.

Whether or not they ended their relationship for good, it must be said that Vanessa always knows how to rekindle hope in the hearts of her fans. In fact, on the occasion of last Father’s Day, the presenter published a photo of her together with Laurini and her son, a sweet tribute to her family that brought the eyes and hearts to all her followers. And hope is the last to die…

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