Venditti: “The old property wanted to remove the hymn. Zaniolo loves this city “


Venditti: “The old property wanted to remove the hymn.  Zaniolo loves this city “
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The singer-songwriter: “The company has made a huge market carried out by people with brains who have not spent useless money”

Antonello Soldsongwriter, spoke to the microphones of Sport Sound Center during the show ‘I’ll give you Tokyo’. These are his statements on yesterday’s concert, but not only: “The concert is wonderful, it is infinite, my concert and that of Francesco De Gregori are a vice. There are people who have seen it 4-5 times and we have seen it every time we do with this desire and with this naturalness. This season, thanks to many things, to the ownership of Roma especially to the people … We live it and we love Rome. Our Rome is connected, it has an identity, it’s us. I do more than 60 years in Rome, I have lived through all the seasons and this affection, this unity has never existed, not even in the winning Rome. The support this time is compact, we all love each other, we all understand each other, we all want the same thing: that the team win. Because we deserve it.

We may not win but now we have faith in whoever leads us. You have narrated how the market could have been done in other years and it has not been done, all the waste, all the words that are not needed. Today you give me a chance to say this to people who didn’t understand when I talked about the hymn. I said that team, that club was not worthy of our anthem. Besides, he also wanted to remove it. This thing here, to a person who wrote “Rome, Rome” and who unworthily tries to represent our feelings with words, what does he mean? That this city today is “Rome, Rome”, it is “Thanks Rome” and it deserves it. The best thing about Rome was the cheering, now it’s the cheering, the city and the team and it doesn’t seem like a small thing to me ”.

“I quietly take care of Nicolò, always. He is a boy of mental and physical generosity … But also the family. I was hoping he would stay in Rome and he loves this city. There are people who call me Vendischi and who say that I resigned … But where should I resign from? I am Rome, how can I resign? It’s not a job, for many Roma has become a job. I have never taken a lira, I did the Circus Maximus and all the m ** I took it myself. And I still take the 2001 one. People with me have never paid for a ticket ”.

Bring Abraham to sing Thanks Rome?

“I don’t do the job that society tells me, but I do what my heart tells me. I didn’t ask anyone to meet Mourinho, for example, I don’t know him. I’m Venditti and I’m not used to doing these things and if someone wants me I’m always available. Tirana? It all started when I went to see the derby, and I hadn’t been to the stadium for about 10 years. Everything appeared there, Totti, the Friedkin … We have to keep this stuff because inside this city there is always someone who is fighting against it, there are envy … We must bring this city to be Rome.

We do not realize where we have come and where we could go. We need this city to be modern, to move forward and to give wealth and happiness. Let’s take it forward. Even imperfect teams can win, Roma of course are not perfect, they have made a huge market carried out by people with brains who have not spent useless money., without deluding people. You see that there is the desire and competence on the part of everyone, of all the players who want to play and stay in Rome. Now the players come to Rome because perhaps we have the right and competent people. Players who want to play for Mourinho, who want to play because they hear the most beautiful anthem in the world, original, because there is the most beautiful support in the world, because the relationship between the Roma fans and the city has none team in the world. Go and see the Circus Maximus again ”.

What has been happening since Tirana is the perfection of human, artistic relationships. We are Siamese brothers, we were attacked from birth and each of us made the songs he wanted and the life he wanted. Now it will be difficult to divide us. We are like Roma, everything is fine… It is an infinite tour that I would like to end in Rome even if we will have other concerts like the one at the Auditorium, but we will also have the final act and I hope it will be an act with something for Roma as well. The place we do not say. Meanwhile, we bring all this stuff and a bit of Romanism around the world because the value you have when you sing “Roma Capoccia” and “Grazie Roma” at the end of all the concerts you discover that Rome is loved. We sang these two songs in Naples for example and the artistic value of what we were giving was recognized. Mine are not anthems but they are songs where everyone can replace their feeling towards their team and their city. We have to grow and make a difference ”.

The only thing that can prevent Francesco and me from coming to the stadium is that we go to sing. So far I have seen all the matches of Roma and I must say that we must believe in them, without deluding ourselves. We want a combative Rome. The random cheering of the world can shift to Roma because we have a player like Dybala who shifts the cheering of the people, the tastes of the people all over the world. Football is not just football, you move a part of the world and we must take advantage of this magic, we must not let it escape ”.

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