VERONA, IL VERONA – 2022/23 season ticket campaign


VERONA, IL VERONA – 2022/23 season ticket campaign
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– Promotion 3 – East armchairs: the discount is valid only for East Armchairs until all places are exhausted (for which sector 8 is recommended) and is reserved exclusively for families whose birth records are made up of a father, mother and at least one child (without limit to the number of children or at their age) who will have the opportunity to subscribe in a single solution, by presenting unavoidably at the counters of the stadium a recent family status certificate (issued after 01/01/2022) certifying the composition of the registry family that intends to take advantage of the promotion. Do not Self-certifications and requests without the above documentation will be accepted.

It is possible to download the digital certificate for free HERE

Transferable or corporate subscriptions: for all those who fear that they will not be able to attend all the home games by virtue of the possible advances or postponements prepared by the Serie A League, there is the possibility of subscribing to a subscription at a particularly convenient price that gives the possibility to sell it to third parties without limits on the number of tenders sold. You can choose between two options depending on your profile:

– Transferable: reserved for all fans in possession of a ‘We will never leave you’ fan card who will want to sell matches to another fan during the season, obligatorily in possession of the card.

– Corporate: impersonal and reserved for companies. Each company can purchase multiple subscriptions. To subscribe to the Corporate or Company subscription, it will be necessary to present a recent Chamber of Commerce registration – if the signature is made by the legal representative – or, alternatively, the Chamber of Commerce registration must be accompanied by a proxy or power of attorney on company letterhead, if branches present a trustee of the legal representative. The subscription can also be done online by sending the documentation by email: in this case, you can contact the ticket office at the address

For both the types, improvement and user change (or rather the transfer of the title) will be possible exclusively in mode online, through the Vivaticket website.

Method of transferable title transfer

You need to access the Vivaticket website HERE and select the item Change from Fidelity Card / corporate digital subscription. After selecting the race and the number of the transferor ‘We will never leave you’ card, you must select the button VERIFY from which to proceed with the insertion of the data of the person and the number of the card that receives the title, as well as with the printing of the voucher certifying the actual registration to be presented at the entrance turnstiles, together with your card and an identity document valid.

Procedure for the sale of the Corporate title

Through a simple online procedure indicated during the purchase phase, it will be possible to register the name and data of the person actually entering, as well as print the access document certifying the actual registration to be presented at the entrance turnstiles, together with a valid identity document.

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