Verona-Roma direct 1-2: Volpato scores at the end


Verona-Roma direct 1-2: Volpato scores at the end
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88 ‘- Roma advantage with Volpato

Volpato again! Roma in the lead 2-1 thanks to the goal of Cristian Volpato, his second career goal after that of last season against Verona, but at the Olimpico.


83 ‘- Cross of Matic

Rome opportunity: from a corner kick Matic off his head but finds only the crossbar. Third wood of Rome after the two poles of Abraham.


82 ‘- Pellegrini tries on a free kick

Attempt by the Giallorossi captain on punishment: the ball passes the barrier but is not too angled. Montipò rejects.


71 ‘- Belotti-Pharaohs clash

Clash in the penalty area of ​​Verona: Belotti falls to the ground, Faraoni takes a shot in the melee and in the meantime accidentally hits the Giallorossi striker hitting him with the cleats on the visa. Both medicated, no intervention by Sacchi.


68 ‘- New substitution for Roma

Another change of Mourinho: out Gianluca Mancini for Nemanja Matic.


64 ‘- Belotti’s attempt

The Rooster tries: attempt inside the penalty area but from a tight angle. His left ends in Montipò’s arms.


57 ‘- Out of Zaniolo for Abraham

Rome with double striker. It is in fact out Zaniolo for Belotti and Zalewski for Volpato. Mourinho relies on the pair of strikers to seek the goal of the advantage.


50 ‘- Zaniolo asks for the change

Zaniolo can’t take it anymore and at the end of the umpteenth run towards the door of Hellas he signaled to the bench that he wanted the exchange.


45 ‘- The match resumes with the substitutions

In Rome he came out Cristante (cautioned) for El Shaarawy. This change made Pellegrini move back a few meters: now the 7 is in the median with Camara; on the trocar is the Pharaoh. Two changes for Verona: insideo Lasagna and Hien for Kallon and Ceccherini.


48 ‘- End of the first half

After the equalizer of Roma Sacchi whistles the end of the first half. Draw between Verona and Rome at the interval.


47 ‘- Roma draw with Zaniolo

Roma equalized with Zaniolo. Intervention by Roma with Camara: the Guinean serves on the left Abraham who first looks for the goal but finds the post. Watch out for Zaniolo to jump on the tap-in and throw the ball into the net.


35 ‘- Bad foul on Zaniolo, Davidowicz sent off

Bad foul by Davidowicz, author of the goal, on Zaniolo. The player has entered a leg stretched on the knee of the Giallorossi talent without hitting the ball in the slightest. After checking the Var monitor, Sacchi pulled out the red.


27 ‘- Verona’s goal with Davidowicz

Advantage Hellas. Shot from distance by Faraoni, Davidowicz in the area manages to touch the ball changing the trajectory of the ball and catching Rui Patricio in counter-time. Check of the Var for the position of Henry who was offside in front of the ball’s trajectory.


21 ‘- Abraham still dangerous

Another attempt by Abraham: on a cross from the right by Karsdorp, the Englishman manages to find the ball with his head but crushes it too much without finding the face of the goal. Only goal kick for Verona.


19 ‘- Abraham’s incredible mistake

Clamorous mistake by Tammy Abraham with an empty net. Giallorossi counterattack with Karsdorp serving Abraham with a through ball in the area: the Englishman jumps Montipò and does not find the goal mirror but only the outside post.


16 ‘- Verona’s first shot on goal

And of Kallon the first shot on goal of the match. The 25-meter midfielder tried the rightdeflected by Smalling’s leg and ended in the center of the door where it was well positioned Rui Patricio.


8 ‘- Verona dangerous

Hellas action and close to advantage. Action from the right first with Faraoni entering the area, then with Kallone who crossed low to the ground in the center without finding a striker to pocket the goal.


6 ‘- Roma attacks

High center of gravity and ball possession: there squad by Mourinho makes the match looking for a winning post for Zaniolo And Abraham.


0 ‘- The match begins

Whistle to kick off the game, it begins Verona-Rome with the first ball beaten by Mourinho’s team, tonight with the white shirt and red shorts.


Zaniolo: “I want to score”

Nicolò Zaniolo spoke to Dazn’s microphones before the game READ EVERYTHING


Verona-Rome, team on the pitch for the warm-up

The two teams took to the field at the Bentegodi to start the heating before the match.


Verona, ten points less

Verona has 10 points less (5 vs 15) compared to the first 11 days of the last championship: it is the greatest negative point difference at this point in the tournament between the teams present in both Serie A 21/22 and Serie A 22/23.


Verona-Rome, the official formations

VERONA (3-4-2-1): Montipò; Davidowicz, Gunter, Ceccherini; Pharaohs, Veloso, Tameze, Depaoli; Hongla, Kallon; Henry.
Available: Church, Perilli, Berardi, Magnani, Terracciano, Hien, Cabal, Sulemana, Praszelik, Djuric, Lasagna.
Trainer: Salvatore Bocchetti.

ROME (3-4-2-1): Rui Patricio; Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez; Karsdorp, Cristante, Camara, Zalewski; Zaniolo, Pellegrini; Abraham.
Available: Svilar, Boer, Kumbulla, Vina, Celik, Tripi, Bove, Matic, Belotti, Shomurodov, El Shaarawy, Volpato.
Trainer: Mourinho.


Abraham looks for the third goal

Tammy Abraham has the same identical yield realization of the last championship after the first 11 days: two goals scored (even if in the 21/22 tournament he had hit three woods at this point in the competition); in particular, even in the last Serie A in the five games played in October he did not score any goals (in this month he is currently zero out of four).


Roma at the Bentegodi

There squad Giallorossi has reached the stadium and is now on the pitch for the reconnaissance.


Roma are looking for poker

Roma comes from three consecutive away wins in Serie A and has not collected at least four in the top league away from home since the final of the 2019/20 championship (the one ended between July and August).

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