Very true, there is Nadia Toffa’s mother: metaphony and Toffanin collapse


Very true, there is Nadia Toffa’s mother: metaphony and Toffanin collapse
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River of emotions a Very true. In the episode of Sunday 6 November she was the protagonist in the studio Margherita Rebuffoni, the mother of the lamented Nadia Toffa, crushed at just 40 by brain cancer. Several have been poured into the television studio tearsboth from the mother of the journalist de Hyenas and by the host Mediaset, particularly struck and moved by the history of the Brescia area. An interview that many on social media have defined as “heartbreaking”, “poignant” and “profound”. Many those who complimented Rebuffoni’s temperament. And many those who appreciated the humanity of Toffanin, evidently pained and emotionally involved. Unlike a few years ago, Pier Silvio Berlusconi’s partner appears much looser to run, less ‘plastered’, more casual and able to spontaneously empathize with their guests. A series of qualities that Verissimo’s audience appreciated: hence the congratulations addressed to Toffanin.

“How are you? She goes on, the pain is excruciating “confided Margherita, adding that she had found a strong foothold in wedding ring and pointing out that her daughter too had found a lifeline in Christian belief. “Then I have three grandchildren, two daughters, a husband. We love each other and help each other “continued Rebuffoni.

Silvia Toffanin, in tears, wanted to make the woman feel all her closeness, pointing out the esteem proved for Toffa. “I loved your daughter so much – said the presenter with her voice broken by a pained cry -, she was a special girl. She had him here in her hardest moments. I have prepared a tribute for her because Nadia deserves to be remembered and we love her ”.

Space therefore for a tribute clip dedicated to Nadia. Upon returning to the studio, more tears. Margherita then explained that her daughter has always been with her “Cuddly” and “very sweet”. Then make way for the drama of the disease. One day in Trieste the ‘Hyena’ felt ill: atrocious diagnosis, brain tumor. Rebuffoni recalled that Nadia was operated five times.This thing was devastating, she knew everything, since Trieste. Imagine, she knew how to inquire, she immediately understood everything “, said Margherita.

Rebuffoni then narrated that her daughter worked until the end. Only the last episode of Le Iene of the 2018/2019 season failed to conduct it. The cancer he had now reached the last stage and gave her no respite, sucking all of her energy.

“She wanted to live, it was a hurricane, she never stopped except when she had some pain”added Margherita, underlining how hungry Toffa was for life, despite the illness and suffering caused by the cancer treatments.

Silvia Toffanin then spoke about the metaphony: “I know that you have also had a particular experience with what is called metaphony, that is, recordings using special instruments which, for those who believe in it, are supposed to be messages that come from beyond”.

Yup – explained Rebuffoni -, after she died a year, they told me there was a message from Nadia for me. I got excited and heard her voice. Maybe it’s not her, no one can know, maybe it’s our emotions. But Paolo Presi, who is a scientist, wrote that this is her authentic voice. I believe it. “I’m here, Nadia Toffa, I’m fine”, says the voice. Who wants to believe it believes it, who doesn’t don’t. I don’t want to be misunderstood ”.

Silvia Toffanin then greeted the guest, in tears, with a heartfelt and affectionate hug. “I struggle ma’am, but thank you because you have brought into the world an unforgettable girl who has done so many important and beautiful things. Thank you for this story “, concluded the presenter.

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