Vic’s paragliding accident: “I’m so broken but they can fix me”


Vic’s paragliding accident: “I’m so broken but they can fix me”
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The accident in Vic during the paragliding session

Radio listeners have certainly noticed this: this week a Radio DEEJAY there has been a change of plans. Inside Vic and Marisawhich airs every weekday from 12 to 14 in July, this week alongside ours Marisa there is Federico Russo and no more Vic.

The most loyal listeners therefore wondered because Vic is not on the radio. This weekend, unfortunately, our deejay was the victim of a paragliding accident, one of the extreme passions he has repeatedly talked about even on the microphone.

It was the deejay himself who explained the dynamics of the accident. Vic published a post on the Instagram account where, next to the photo of his right hand on the hospital bed with the drip attached, he told the dynamics of theparagliding accident of which he was a victim:

I would have preferred a vacation, say, in Sulawesi, but sometimes things are different. To be precise, it happened that landing with the paraglider at 5 meters from the ground the glider has seen fit to close, like a ball of paper that is thrown into the basket, and in the end it threw me into the basket.

Our deejay reassured about his condition and thanked the followers for the many messages of affection received in the hours following the accident:

I am so broken but they can fix me, some pieces will take a little longer but everything is going well, in the hospital I am followed by incredible people who I want to thank with all my heart and I want to thank all my friends for being close to me, people in me dear, the whole radio, in short, I was overwhelmed by a huge wave of love (so to speak eh, otherwise I would not have listened to it). I’ll tell you right away, if I don’t answer you it’s because I struggle a little.

Immediately the post was filled with solidarity comments from colleagues, friends and loyal listeners. Among the many messages, that of Maverick ViƱalespilot of Moto Gp, who wanted to write a “Soul!” of proximity to our deejay, a great fan of motorcycling.

The unfortunate episode occurred on Sunday, in the hills behind Sale Marasino, where he was playing one of his favorite sports. A sudden and incalculable draft of air closed the sail, causing a fall from a height of five meters. For a few days then Vic is hospitalized.

The message of Marisa and Federico Russo to Vic

As soon as the news came out, the most heartfelt comment could only come from Marisa And Federico Russo. With Marisa, Vic shares the conduction of the program broadcast all year round. In the past, the three have conducted together Via Massenabefore Federico Russo moved to Summer Camp with Nikki.

It is therefore inevitable that between Vic, Marisa And Federico Russo a closer bond has been established than the simple relationship between colleagues. Marisa spoke today to Radio DEEJAY of the condition of Vic:

Vic made a post today explaining his situation. We didn’t want to talk about it before because it was right for him to tell what had happened, so we pretended it didn’t happen but with a swollen heart and heavy with worry. Vic was playing one of the sports he likes and I would never do it in life. He has had an accident that he is not responsible for, but he is so broken. Right now he is in the hospital, followed by all the doctors who obviously love him very well. But how can you not love the Vic? I wrote to him that I can’t be there to hold him very hard, but I kiss one of these classical concert hands and I hope that one of those evenings he can devote himself to music and concerts.

Also Federico Russo he sent his message of affection to Vicbefore comforting him by reminding him that at least for some time he should not have near Marisa:

For sure we will keep you there for a moment from devoting yourself to hang gliding. Maybe on the weekend we go to the Rampolina … The great thing is that he is safe and sound. We are with you. Remember the bright side of it: I’m taking it from her. Even if everything is broken you are in better shape than me. A sportsman like you will have no problems. I’ve rehabilitated a collarbone now, Vic would have taken two days. Please, we love you very much.

Click below to listen to the message of Marisa And Federico to Vic.

Linus talks about Vic’s accident

Also in the other live radios our deejays have sent their greetings and their wishes for a speedy recovery to Vic. Already in the morning, many listeners wanted to send their messages for our deejay, making their closeness felt.

Frank and Cicciothe program with Chiara Galeazzi, Francesco Lotta And Francesco Lancia which airs from 7.30 to 9.30 in July, ended with words of affection for Vic from his colleagues and friends:

We really want to hug our Vic tightly. We are waiting for you here on the radio. Come back soon, we’ll send you a big hug.

In the morning during Deejay Calls Summer also Nicola Savino And Linus they talked about Vic to express their closeness:

He had an accident doing one of his favorite pastimes, which is trying to get hurt. This time he succeeded, but luckily he can tell us about it. He will have it for a while, but we are sure we will hear it again soon on the air. We had a fairly long phone call and I found him in a very good mood, just very cheerful. Then I understood why … Take it easy, Vicchio!

The wish of Linus to Vic can be heard by clicking below.

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