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What illness does the presenter Victoria Cabello suffer from and that for a few years forced her to leave the world of TV? Her statements have stunned her fans who are now seriously worried about her and her health.

It seems that Victoria Cabello has suffered from a bad disease of an induced and non-spontaneous nature, what is it? Her words that are a real punch to the stomach …

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Lyme disease is caused by a tick bite and Victoria Cabello revealed that he has it. These are the words of her about it: “I had cognitive problems, from short-term memory loss, double vision, fever, rheumatoid arthritis. I couldn’t walk. After a year and a half, thanks to the “Sacco” hospital in Milan, I was able to understand what I had. I found some doctors before, who told me I was crazy, that I had to go back to work … “. At this point, fans of him, including those who can be defined as the loyalists, began to raise their antennas and become seriously worried. But then she reassured them by saying, “Anyway, today I can say I’m fineto the point that I then threw myself into a tiring television program from the point of view of physical and emotional stress, so as to prove to myself that I had overcome it “.

His return to TV

Victoria Cabello has therefore sanctioned her return to TV with the Beijing Expresswhere he participated paired with Paride Vitale, his manager and close friend. In this regard, he said: “It was the shock I needed to get out of the bubble that I had created”.

Before accepting – in fact – he had to fight against various fears, as he explained to Courier: “Because of my illness I went through a very debilitating period: I had memory problems, I couldn’t remember many words. And I was semi paralyzed. This created a lot of insecurities in me: I was no longer certain of being able even physically to return to TV ”.

They called her crazy

Cabello fought – we repeat once again – against the Lyme disease. What is it and how is it contracted? It is – in practice – a disease that she contracted during a trip abroad, as well as an infectious disease transmitted by tick bites that for years forced her to stay in bed, semi paralyzed and away from the TV even in light of memory problems. In this regard, she said: “The doctors told me that I was crazy, depressed, that I had to find a boyfriend. Borreliosis is a devious diseaseit gives you a thousand symptoms that have nothing to do with each other, a puzzle of crap ”.

What disease did Victoria Cabello suffer from?
Victoria Cabello YouBee

For Victoria Cabello the discovery of the disease that destroyed her life came like a bolt from the blue sky.

I found it hard to spell the words, walking, I did not remember a call made the day before. I was sick, but nobody believed me ”. The doctors- then- they could not identify the cause of the malaise of the presenter and – therefore – to give a precise name to her disorder, so as to minimize the symptoms that became – in truth – increasingly heavy to tolerate.

After firmly regaining the reins of her life, Victoria wants to try new work experiences: “I’m not the one who is sick if not photographed and I have spent many years in which I could not have dinner with friends because I had to sign autographs; I don’t miss this thing. What interests me now is put me to try projects that are really my thing“.

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