VIDEO – The Chiariello editorial: “Insigne’s latest gift to ADL. Spalletti, many questions for you”


“You have to answer these questions instead of brawling with reporters.”

In the course of ‘Campania Sport’ on Channel 21the journalist Umberto Chiariello commented Napoli’s victory against Genoa in his editorial: “Three themes that intertwine with each other: Insigne’s greeting to Maradona for his last home game, the salvation-championship fight without the contemporaneity that affects the regularity of the championship and finally the Spalletti theme.

Insigne – The captain leaves us with 433 appearances, in the elite of the great blues of all time. Ten full seasons, 122 goals and 99 assists, for a total of 217 direct participations in Napoli’s goals. Since 979 goals have been scored by Napoli in the last 10 years, it can be deduced that distinguished has determined almost 22.5% of the blue goals. Do you understand how much impact Insigne had in the realization phase of this team? But goals are not everything, let’s see how many interceptions Lorenzo has made in recent years. Today he chased the opponent who went all alone in goal, this demonstrates the universality of this player, who tactically is a Bible. How many times does the goal arise from Insigne’s change of play for his teammate? These numbers are even reductive. The detractors say that Insigne has the worst average goal on shots made, if he also had this data on his side he would have been an absolute champion.

He is not Totti, Baggio, Mazzola, but he is a very important player, who as Sacchi said was a great Italian talent of this period. He also gave De Laurentiis the money, because he gave him an important legacy with the public that was at the Maradona today. 30 thousand went just for him, not for Napoli, because they wanted to say hello. Collection obtained for the desire to get excited for a player who gave everything to the blue shirt. De Laurentiis understands that the Neapolitan has not become disaffected, but he wants to get excited, so he must give emotions. In recent years he has achieved clear results and cannot take away the dream from the fans. Insigne told the president today to look at these fans and give them an emotion. He did not make controversy, he came out greeting everyone as a great gentleman. Take an example from Lorenzo Insigne, you foolish haters“.

Shoulderpads – Today at the press conference he corrected his shot, it was pleasant and honest, He finally admitted his mistakes calling himself a bit of a goof. To Mr. Spalletti, who complains that he has been asked too many questions about the banners, he will ask him some questions. Why do your teams always drop in the second round? In Serie A 7 times out of 10 he scored fewer points in the second round than in the first round, having almost collapsed. Is there a reason for preparation or difficulty in managing the squad? Give us an explanation. There was no change of pace, especially when you were fighting for the Scudetto. Why so many muscle injuries? Why did you play with two fewer men, Fabian and Zielinski, at the peak of the season while neglecting Demme and Mertens? Did you unbalance the team with Dries on the pitch?

I’ll give you some numbers, as long as Mertens was on the pitch you won with Empoli and Sassuolo and then you did a clean sheet with Turin and Genoa. The team benefited a lot from the Belgian’s presence on the pitch. Why did the team lack competitive fury at the climax? Why didn’t he have it with him or was it on his legs or why did you make the wrong changes like with Roma? Today you admitted that you missed some matches, why so bad at home and away so well? Is there a tactical reason? These questions need to be answered instead of brawling with reporters.

You are a very good technician, but you look like a horse that always reaches the finish line without ever winning. You brought us back to the Champions League, you did a great job, raising a dead team. But this year you will remain in history as the manager who lost the only Scudetto that could really be won in recent years, as Mertens said. Just admit it, friends like before and let’s start over“.

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