Villa di Serio mourns “his” doctor Alessio Vanotti – BergamoNews


Villa di Serio mourns “his” doctor Alessio Vanotti – BergamoNews
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TO Villa of Serio the death of the doctor Alessio Vanotti it has been a mourning for the community since the news of his death spread on Saturday morning.

Alessio practiced his profession here for 40 years: but in his case it would be more correct to speak of a “vocation”. He was “the doctor” when there was still the figure of the general practitioner in the villages: he, an extroverted man, endowed with charisma, with an uncommon ability to understand the origins and causes of illnesses. In short, he had intuition in diagnosis, a sixth sense that solved many problems with the gratitude of those patients who were lucky enough to be able to benefit from it. Alessio was an altruistic, generous doctor who did not consider the clock: he wanted and knew how to bend over suffering to alleviate it, he was interested, he multiplied so that the therapies would be successful. And he didn’t stop at the clinic or home visits. He cared about the relationship with the patient, from the youngest to the oldest and for this very reason he had opted to be a doctor among the people, after an experience in pediatric surgery with prof. Parenzan and his debut in Pediatrics at the Treviglio hospital in the early 1970s.

Born on December 20, Vanotti would have turned 80 in 2022: the family was already preparing for this birthday. He had graduated in Pavia on November 9, 1971; three years later, on 23 September 1974, he married Rossana, both happy parents of Delia and Valentina.

1974 is also the year of the start of activity in Villa di Serio, where he soon became familiar with and in sympathy with the population, thanks also to an outgoing character and an irrepressible human energy, which was already perceived at the first meeting. Brought to instinctive openness with others – also the result of the family business in close contact with the public in the bar-restaurant and in the classic shop of the past with an adjoining bread oven – Alessio was also committed to his Municipality of origin, Berbenno. While he was still a university student, he had joined the Giunta as councilor with the then mayor Carlo Filippi: 5 intense years, from 1970 to 1975, with special attention to social relations and people in difficulty.

This propensity had led him to create in his studio the opportunity to have specialists in various fields for site visits, shortening routes and containing costs, a sign of his spirit of initiative and service. Little space was reserved for the passions that had two names, hunting and “his” Inter, always at the top of enthusiasm in the formidable years of Helenio Herrera. However, what will remain in the memory of the countless people who came into contact with Alessio is his approach with those in the clinic, but in every place where one met him, they had health problems: he knew how to lighten any tension, communicated positivity, inoculated optimism. He always instilled hope, a virtue that has been invaluable to him in these years in which, despite being physically tested, he has always maintained and transmitted confidence in the possibility of recovery. Moreover, he often repeated, in support of this luminous attitude, that “the sun is better seen from this known side than from the other, unknown”.

Since Saturday it has been an endless procession of people from all over the world who go to Alessio’s house to thank him for having been part of their lives, for the special gift of being there. It is a presence that will continue to reverberate – in time that flies by – serenity and joy in our lives. And on Monday the 21st many will join their families for a grateful farewell.

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