Virtus and Milan in the semifinals. Daum lights up, Tortona breaks through Venice


Virtus and Milan in the semifinals.  Daum lights up, Tortona breaks through Venice
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Match 3 of the quarter-finals: Bologna and Olimpia break through the fields of Pesaro and Reggio Emilia and end the series 3-0. Shot of the Piedmontese who now have the match point, Reyer betrayed by her attack. Friday Sassari-Brescia

First verdicts from the 3-game of the basketball quarter-finals. Virtus Bologna in the semifinals, in Corso Reggio Emilia-Milan. Colpo grosso of Tortona on the reyer. Tomorrow it’s Sassari-Brescia’s turn.

Pesaro-Virtus Bologna 55-75

Virtus is in the semifinal championship and will be able to rest waiting for its opponent. The Segafredo conquers the Vitrifrigo Arena and closes the playoff series at 3 to 0. The crossroads found after twenty years also gives emotions to the “Spaceship”, Pesaro holds in the first half and then physically drops. Difficult to keep up with the best players playing every two days, but the red and white stood out and came out to applause. The third quarter (10-24) was the decisive one for Virtus, which was without Teodosic and Shengeila. Hackett was fundamental, but in Pesaro, his city, he was pinched – even heavily – for the whole match. The cheering is from old and glorious times, the curve explodes in red and white, between flags and dresses. There are 5859 people present and in the audience there is also Valentino Rossi, with his partner Francesca Sofia Novello. Bologna goes fast, in the 2 ‘it is 0-8, Pesaro places a counterbreak: 7-8 in the 4’. From there it goes on in balance, Moretti draws from 6.75 (10-10 at 4 ‘), Hackett is very hot and finds 7 points in 5’30 ”in the first quarter. The Carpegna Prosciutto forces conclusions from distance, the intensity is high. The guests struggle to score closely while they are almost foolproof from outside the box. Lamb is on the day: he enters and finds 5 consecutive points for the 15-15 of the 8 ”. The first home advantage is 17-15 in the 9th minute, the percentages rise but Scariolo’s boys have little off the bench. Lamb again, at the best performance of the series, catches a triple with additional free and the Vuelle flies, with an immense heart: 26-21 at 12 ‘. Pesaro has had a golden period for three years and takes the lead in the match (31-25 at 15 ‘). The Black Vu are in confusion, the clubs waste (31-29 at 18 ‘). Bologna presses, relies on defense, in attack we go to Jaiteh who impact at 33 in the 19 ‘. At half-time, Lamb is the only double-digit player with 11 points. The Jones-Jaiteh duel starts, with the virtussino pivot leading, Hackett scores the triple of 39-45 and hits the home crowd, who whistles him decisively. Cordinier crushes 39-47 on 25 ‘, Vuelle scores just 4 points in 5’ of the third fraction. Bologna runs away: 41-51 at 17 ‘and 45-59 at 19’. The partial is devastating in favor of the Black Vu, which they can control. The Carpegna Prosciutto drags on, on the field it has given everything. Virtus ends smoothly, at 35 ‘it is 49-66, at 37’ 53-71, Pesaro does not offer resistance. His championship remains a masterpiece and never gives up. For Captain Delfino there is a standing ovation. Segafredo thanks his monstre defense and advances. The 20 points scored by the Marche throughout the second half condemn it. (Camilla Cataldo)
Pesaro:Lamb 15, Jones 8, Moretti, Mejeris, Tambone 7.
Bologna:Jaiteh 15, Hackett 12, Belinelli 11.

Venice-Tortona 63-73

Tortona, sprint towards the semifinal, Venice with its back to the wall and insufficient second test in attack (5/27 from the arc, 14/24 from the line). Ramondino finds Daum (19 points), Sanders is confirmed (15) and the defense of Tortona creates unresolved traps for Reyer (22/59 from the field). Tortona immediately enters the game (0-4), almost immediately going into the bonus, Human who impacts with Theodore (6-6). Sanders has the feeling with the game-2 basket, double triple (8-13), Umana doubled (8-16) by Wright’s triple. Nervous Tonut, technical after 3’38 ”, Venezia clinging to Theodore’s raids, Watt wins fouls, but fails 4 free throws in a row. Orogranata in difficulty (4/16 in action, 0/6 from the arc) in the Juventus half (12-20) with Sanders already at an altitude of 8. Second quarter, Tonut and Mazzola (first triple in the seventh attempt) bring back the Umana in contact (18-20), too many errors, Cannon and Filloy take advantage of “dirty” balls (18-24), Brooks’ class lights up (22-24), but Tortona punishes any inattention of De Raffaele’s quintet (26 -32), only Theodore (9) and Brooks (9) are productive in attack (30-36). Human not very profitable from the line (7/14) and from the perimeter (1/9), Tortona finds Daum (11 points), who digs the break (30-39) between the two times. Bertram flying with Daum’s triples and Macura’s free riders (34-45). Tortona is in control of the match (40-50), despite Theodore and Tonut trying not to wreck the orogranata. Lack of clarity in the quintet of De Raffaele, mired in the black and white defenses, Sanders replies to De Nicolao (45-55), the most perky in the Umana (48-57). The dripping of failed free players continues, Umana on tilt in attack (49-61), Tortona with the inertia of the match (49-63), gets nervous in De Raffaele’s team (51-66, then 54-70) , De Nicolao is the last to give up (60-70). Bertram mistress of the match, on Saturday she has the match-ball for the historic semifinal. (Michele Contessa)

Venice: Brooks 16, Theodore 15, De Nicolao 9

Tortona: Daum 19, Sanders 15, Macura 11

Reggio Emilia-Milan 59-89

Race-3 without history at the Unipol Arena in Casalecchio where Reggio takes leave of the field in exile (hopefully he can soon return to his PalaBigi) leaving the field to the easy victory of Milan who overlays and advances to the semifinal where he will find the winner of Brescia -Sassari with the return of Melli. Only a flash of the game at the start: 5-0 from Reggio and coach Messina who enters the Guinness Book of Records calling time out after just 29 ”of play. Then the confrontation becomes uneven as expected: Reggio is in reserve of energy, Cinciarini exhausted from a fabulous and tiring season, no longer finds his numbers while Olimpia unleashes Bentil, Hall and Shields on the arch and the punctual Biligha inside the ‘area. At the break the dispute is marked on the Milanese +16, the recovery is an ordeal for Caja’s team that has nothing to oppose to the strength of the Messina team that goes easy in control even touching a +36.

Reggio Emilia: Strautins, Larson 12, Baldi Rossi 10

Milan: Bentil 16, Hall 13, Biligha 12, Shields 11


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