Vitamin D deficiency, what to eat to make up for the energy deficit


Vitamin D deficiency, what to eat to make up for the energy deficit
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Vitamin D Deficiency: Find out which foods you need to eat to help you make up for your energy deficit

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The vitaminsas we well know, they are fundamental to ours body and even having a low “level” of vitamins can have some consequences not pleasant about our life. Vitamin deficiency can to cause symptoms such as tiredness, exhaustion: we really feel devoid of any force, both physical and mental. What we often ignore is that for to help to keep in equilibrium we have the possibility to use these values ​​or rather, to consume, some foods, rich in vitamins. Among all the vitamins we have needin this article we will focus on Vitamin D, also identifying precisely what foods can be fundamental to be taken when we have a deficiency of this Vitamin. Let’s find out right away.

Vitamin D deficiency: find out what to eat

the food that helps you with your bones
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Vitamin D is basic for our body, essential for the health of ours bone. Vitamin D is the vitamin that our body can manage to produce following exposure to the sun. It is a vitamin fat solubleis accumulated by the liver and will subsequently come released to the organism according to the needs and the need. Vitamin D is often associated with bones, this is because it turns out to be basic for the absorption of some minerals.

Substances fundamental for our health, such as calcium, magnesium and phosphate, come assimilated, in fact, thanks to this fundamental and precious Vitamin. However, if it isn’t hard find remedies to help us assimilate Vitamins, it can be harmful have these shortcomings. In other words, our body could resent significantly of Vitamin D deficiency.

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Vitamin D, therefore, serves to our body for metabolize calcium and safeguard the health of our bones. This Vitamin helps, in fact, theintestine to absorb calcium and phosphate, essential for the bones and also for the teeth. This is how it comes insured to our body a fundamental balance for ours health.

In summary, thank you to Vitamin D, we literally get the force to stand up, to have the necessary energy: the only drawback is that this Vitamin cannot be filed. This means that from the moment the body there produces it immediately goes into circulation and consequently must be produced continuously in order not to risk having deficiencies. But what are the foods essential useful for absorbing Vitamin D? Let’s find out right away.

Which foods are rich in Vitamin D? Let’s find out right away

Foods not mentioned we should to do without are green vegetables, liver, mushrooms, milk and its derivatives, mushrooms and fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring. These, in fact, are the foods which contain more Vitamin D. Unfortunately, however, in these foods it is not possible obtain large quantities of it. The Advice is therefore to supplement our diet by assuming, in fact, supplements of vitamin D.

Vitamin D, if assumed on a regular basis it can bring very many benefits to our body:

  • Improve the management hunger because it stimulates the production of leptin;
  • Reduces the pressure high and promotes cardiovascular health;
  • Promotes the prevention of diseases neurovegetative like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s by protecting cognitive functions;
  • Helps regular insulin levels;
  • Makes the bones healthy and strong;
  • Helps preventosteoporosis;
  • Helps prevent disease cutaneoussuch as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and vitiligo;
  • Stimulate the system immune.

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All benefits absolutely precious for the our body. In case, the shortage of this Vitamin, turns out to be quite important, it is recommended to to consult a specialist doctor.

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