Vitamin D is useful against 2 serious diseases, a new study opens up interesting scenarios


Vitamin D is useful against 2 serious diseases, a new study opens up interesting scenarios
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Vitamin D is useful in regulating many functions of the body, and according to a new study also in fighting two serious diseases.

There Vitamin D is known for its benefits for teeth and bones. But it is much more. Also known as sun vitaminin recent years she has been the protagonist of several studies, and has given away interesting prospects.

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Let’s remember, for example, the last ones theories – not yet fully confirmed – regarding the correlation between lack of vitamin D and severe form of Covid. Numerous other studies, which however require further investigation, have highlighted several benefits brought by a correct assimilation of the sun vitamin.

For example, reduced chance of having certain types of cancer like that of the rectum. Or in any case to “guarantee greater survival” and less chance of metastasis to those who have contracted a form of cancer.

How can we get vitamin D?

This particular vitamin is one of those we can integrate both with nutrition and with UV exposure. A 10-20% comes from certain foods, such as fish (especially salmon, mackerel and herring), liver and egg yolk.

The remaining quantity that we store thanks to the sun comes produced in the skin. A special fat transforms in contact with UV rays and then passes into the blood. Hence, thanks to a detail proteincomes to liver and kidneysand it activates.

Though all studies concerning the effect of vitamin D are not yet complete, there are already many experts who agree on some benefits. The latest research also added a piece to the understanding of the mechanisms activated by this vitamin on the body.

Vitamin D is useful against 2 serious diseases, a new study opens up interesting scenarios

Let’s talk about Alzheimer’s and Dementiatwo very serious conditions and diseases consider with a high social cost. WHO has defined dementia studies as a “world public health priority“. To date, there are at least 55 million patients worldwide. A number it seems destined to grow.

According to the studies done so far, low levels of this vitamin would cause (among other things) “brain problems” and would increase the risk of incurring even in cardiovascular diseases. To try the relationship between lack of vitamin D and degenerative diseasesa study was recently conducted.

To pilot it, a Australian team led by Elina Hyppönen, ofAustralian Center for Precision Health of the University of South Australia. They have almost been observed 300 thousand people and obviously different types of tests and classifications have been carried out.

In summary, “a direct link was observed between vitamin D deficiency and dementia. However, vitamin D deficiency does not appear to be associated with lower hippocampal volumes, which is a prognostic factor for dementia risk.. “

We therefore do not have certainties yetbut this further study and thefocus on this valuable vitamin they will certainly be useful to find solution to the health problems that afflict us.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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