Vlahovic: “I want 30 goals, Bremer best defender of Serie A and that agreement with Di Maria”


Vlahovic: “I want 30 goals, Bremer best defender of Serie A and that agreement with Di Maria”
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The Juventus striker talks about his first period in Juventus by outlining personal and team goals

Some say Paul Pogba, some Angel Di Maria, and some say Chiesa. The extra man for Allegri’s Juventus, however, could be his own Dusan Vlahovic. The Serb, who landed in Turin last January, promises 30 goals for the Old Lady: “Team goals come before personal goals, it’s more important for Juve to win, but if I score 30 goals and we become Italian champions, that’s fine for me,” he said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

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The former Fiorentina striker is currently on a US tour with the rest of the Juventus group: between luxury friendlies (tonight the 2-2 with Barcelona, ​​Sunday with Real Madrid) and post-training challenges with MerryDusan is not bored: “We always play with the coach, there is a good atmosphere. We did it last year too. I gladly challenge him because I always win so much “. But first of all the commitment and responsibility towards the shirt, which has always been part of his DNA: “As a child in Serbia we followed a lot of Italian football, in the golden years of Serie A. We talked about Juve, because he always won and in sport we only remember who wins. I was a child when I was impressed by the Juve of Ibrahimovic, Trezeguet and Cannavaro. I grew up with the aim of becoming a winner and I will do everything to make Juve history. It would be a great honor given the players who have made it here. This is why I started playing: I want to push myself beyond my limits. “

Not only reinforcements arrived from the market, but also new dressing rooms: “Pogba likes to give nicknames and it’s okay with me if he likes it. I only knew him from TV, he had a great impact on the team, he is a world champion who has already won a lot over the years at Juve, in addition to the Europa League with Manchester United. It’s nice to have him with us. Of Maria? When I heard you were coming, I immediately thought about how many goals and assists we can score together, because I also want to score him. Angel has been playing at a very high level for a long time, he is one of the strongest outsiders of the last 20 years and he has done very well wherever he has gone. Until recently, I saw these champions on TV, playing with them was my goal when I was a child. With Di Maria we have to get to know and understand each other a little, but I’m sure it won’t be difficult for him. He played with great forwards, it is I who must ask him how I have to move to be found “. And on Bremer: “It is a great pleasure to have him at Juve, he is the strongest defender of A. After a season in which we have not won anything, our duty is to have the goal of winning everything. “

Excellent comparisons begin to orbit around the Serbian: “Lewandowski he scored an avalanche of goals, I don’t like to compare myself to anyone. I am only at the beginning, I can only work in the hope of being able to reach them. My goal is to score more and more goals. Haaland? The differences between us and the old strikers are there, but I leave the judgments to the others. “Waiting for the championship debut in three weeks, Vlahovic gives an opinion on the half a season already played for Juventus: “I certainly needed some time to settle in, but I could have done better. I’m not satisfied because we lost a final (Coppa Italia, ed). We qualified for the Champions League but I could and could have done more, so we are working hard for next season. I am young and I can improve in everything. At 35 you can grow, let alone 22 “.

Between obsessive body care and games on TV, Vlahovic talks about his days: “I’m a simple guy, after training I like to sleep for an hour at home, then I watch games and sleep. Every day is the same. My parents and my sister come every month, watch two games then leave. I know I just need one call and they come running, even though I never do. After 5 years I’m used to being alone, I’m not someone who shows emotions, but they know me, they understand when it’s time and they arrive. “And always speaking of moments of leisure, the Serbian tells a curtain with Juan Cuadrado: “In this retreat he is unusually calm. As soon as he arrived he stole my phone at lunch and made me find it a lot of hours later. I said nothing, but three months later I retaliated with the same joke: I kept his phone all day. He has never tried again. “

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