Wanda Nara, there is an accomplice in the reconciliation: incredible background


Wanda Nara, there is an accomplice in the reconciliation (

Wanda Nara, there is an accomplice in the reconciliation: incredible background. In the peace with Mauro Icardi there is the direction of an unsuspected character

All together passionately, at least at Christmas. These are the programs of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardifresh from reconciliation, but to reveal them in reality is Max Lopez. Because even the former Turin striker has a say in the family, given that the first three children of the Argentine entrepreneur are also his.

Wanda Nara
Wanda Nara, there is an accomplice in the reconciliation (

And so, after spending a few days in Argentina with his pregnant girlfriend, Daniela Christiansson, before getting back on the plane, he made some important statements. “The boys are fine, we will certainly see each other again at Christmas. We will be coming to London so we will pass the Christmas together.

Maxi, who had played a decisive role months ago on the occasion of the first break between Wanda and Icardi by keeping his children with him to leave them away from the media clamor, is about to become a father again. In fact, Daniela is expecting a girl: We’re very happy, it’s her first pregnancy, so we’re having fun. For me it is new that she is a child, Dani is fine and serene.

Wanda Nara, there is an accomplice in the reconciliation: incredible background

The model’s pregnancy is safe and also very evident. But in Argentina the voices of one are also multiplying upcoming pregnancy for Wanda Nara. The indiscretion came from the weekly “Caras” which takes up a chat, shared on social media, between Mauro and the Argentine showgirl: “Thanks for another beautiful trip, my favorite place is you. Because you take me to Heaven, for your love, for always wanting me. I love you without a doubt and I hope to return with G,” wrote Wanda in a post made public by Mauro. And there is a photo in which the former Inter striker is seen embracing his partner on the hips.

Wanda Nara Mauro Icardi
Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi (Instagram)

Icardi’s response is not delayed: “Thank you Wanda for such a beautiful message. After all, I’m not as crazy as they described me because I’ve made one of my dreams come true. We’ll be back with G soon.” According to the weekly, this could be the initial of the child’s name even if Wanda has not given any signs of an alleged pregnancy. “We broke up, but we can’t rule anything out,” she said to Verissimo and in fact she has already changed her mind.

Wanda Nara, there is an accomplice in the reconciliation: incredible background

Maxi Lopez also played an important role in this affair, proving once again that the bond with her children has never faded. In the days of the storm, already last year, realizing that the little ones of the house were suffering the most from the situation, he flew to Paris to comfort them.

And then he wanted them with him in the villa where he lives in San Benedetto al Tronto, just to keep them away from the clamor and possible wars between the two litigants. A decisive role recognized by Wanda herself who decided to lay down her arms and put an end to the long judicial war she had with her ex-husband.

In fact, she and Maxi Lopez had reached an agreement through their lawyers to close all the still pending cases, about 40 for various reasons after the separation. The confirmation had come from Wanda Nara’s lawyer, Ana Rosenfeld, with some words reported by TycSports: “Despite the fact that this matter is strictly procedural, I clarify that Mrs. Wanda Nara and Mr. Maxi López have decided to put an end to all the existing causes between them to this day”.

Max Lopez
Maxi Lopez when he played in Italy (

In practice, they signed a precise agreement: Maxi Lopez will have to continue paying alimony for his three children until the age of 21, but the debts will be canceled. Among the various properties that had led to the lawsuit, there was also a luxurious villa in Santa Barbara, an exclusive neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, which will now be owned by Icardi’s wife. Value 2 million euros, in order to compensate Nara for what her ex-husband would not have paid her in recent years. One in the way of making peace.

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