Watch out for chocolate cream: a Cameo preparation has been withdrawn


Watch out for chocolate cream: a Cameo preparation has been withdrawn
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Still alert for the chocolate: this time to be withdrawn from the shelves of shops and supermarkets is a famous Cameo chocolate cream mix. Yesterday the Ministry of Health recalled the food product due to the risk of the presence of allergens inside: “Cameo recall model – Prepared for chocolate flavored cream”as stated on the ministry website.

The product brand is Paneangeli, while the manufacturing company is Cameo, which is based in the factory located in via Ugo La Malfa 60 in Desenzano del Garda, a municipality in the province of Brescia. The production batch in question that has been withdrawn is the following: ’19 .09.23 D L376507 ‘, whose expiration date, or minimum storage term, is September 19, 2023. The description weight / volume unit of sale: 172 grams.

The reason for the recall

According to what emerged, the reason for the recall would be due to the detection within the product of lupine proteins, an allergen that is not among the ingredients declared on the label on the package. It is also specified that anyone who has bought, and was still in possession, of the specified lot of this product is invited to return the package to the point of sale where the purchase was made, which will refund the amount paid. The subjects most at risk, for which the recall has been ordered, are those allergic to lupine proteins. Instead, it should be emphasized, for all other consumers who are not allergic to this substance, the product in question does not involve any health hazard.

Lupine is a legume, whose flour it is often used in the preparation of various food products. In 2006 it was included in the list of foods for which the legislation provides for the obligation to indicate on the label any presence, even in minimal quantities, in packaged foods. More precisely, this obligation is found in the European directives 2003/89 / EC, 2004/77 / EC, 2005/63 / EC and 2006/142, implemented in Italy with the issue of Legislative Decree 178 of 2007. Allergy sufferers must show particular attention to the presence in lupine of proteins very similar to those found in peanuts. For this reason, lupins, and consequently the flour obtained from them, are considered a potentially dangerous element for those suffering from peanut allergy.

What allergy sufferers risk

In the past, the Food Authority has also found serious cases of allergic reactions caused by the ingestion of lupins or lupine meal. As mentioned, they are both used in the preparation of various foods and their use must be reported on the label of packaged products. In allergic subjects, lupine can give the classic manifestations of food allergy, such as an itch in the mouth and throat, hives, angioedema, conjunctivitis, asthma and breathing difficulties in general, erythema, abdominal pain. But in some cases, the most serious, one can also come anaphylactic shock. Lupine allergens are represented by reserve proteins, which are called conglutines.

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