“We are all with you”, the unsurpassed farewell in the Casiraghi house: Charlotte in pieces


Charlotte Casiraghi in pieces. The unsurpassed mourning for her and her family is a pain that is renewed day after day. Everyone expresses her closeness to the famous royal family about her.

Charlotte Casiraghi –

Days of pain, these, for the Casiraghi family. Charlotte is heartbroken. Suffering and mourning are unsurpassable.

Mourning in the Casiraghi house

The Casiraghi family it is among the most famous in the world. The members who bear this surname are among the most important exponents of the dynasty of the Grimaldi which he sees as his progenitor Albert of Monaco, regent of the famous Principality.

Princess Charlotte –

There Casiraghi familyin more detail, however, is made up of Caroline of Monacofrom Charlotte and her brothers Pierre and Andrea. The three young heirs were born from the marriage of mother Carolina, sister of Alberto II, and father Stefano Casiraghiwho passed away in a dramatic circumstance.

Mourning is renewedtoday, for the three young offspring and for the sister of the Monegasque sovereign. An endless drama engulfs the royal family most famous in the world. Everyone is close to Charlotte and his family.

Charlotte with a devastated heart

On 3 October 1990 Stefano Casiraghi passed away following a tragic accidentdad of Charlotte, Pierre and Andrea, second husband of Carolina of Monaco. Alberto II’s sister and the Italian, famous pilot and entrepreneur, got married in 1983.

Stefano Casiraghi
Stefano Casiraghi –

He won the trust not only of the former ruler Rainier III of Monaco but above all of the whole Grimaldi family and of the subjects of the Principality. Stefano and Carolina they truly lived a magical love, like the one you read in childhood stories.

He for her, the beautiful princess, had given up everything, even Giuseppa Macheda, daughter of an exponent of Milan well with whom he was to marry. At the time, however, Caroline of Monaco had a love affair with the son of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini or Robertino Rossellini.

The two they fell in love on a hot summer in 1983during a cruise on the Mediterranean organized by a friend of both, such Francesco Caltagirone. It was love at first sight. Stefano and Carolina left their respective partners and took refuge for some time to the island of Cavalloa property of the Grimaldis where the princess has a house.

It was there that their love blossomed which in a few months will become public and known to the national and international press.

Affection and condolences for Casiraghi

They had a happy marriage, Carolina and Stefanowhich unfortunately lasted very little. On 3 October 1990 during the offshore world championship which was held in Monte Carlo, the Italian crashed into a wave losing control of the Pinot catamaran and losing his life. There was nothing for him to do.

The images of the funeral of Casiraghi that went around the world, look again today, still have the same effect as many years ago, they are truly devastating. On October 3, 2022, the pain for the Casiraghi family was renewed, especially for Charlotte who had an extraordinary relationship with her beloved dad.

Although when Stefano lost his life, princess was little more than a childhe never forgot the love her dad raised her with. For her, talking about it today still has a certain effectit is a wound that has never healed and that every year, every cursed October 3 reopens and hurts more than ever.

Charlotte is beloved all over the worldnot only by the subjects of the Principality but also in Italy and precisely on the occasion of the death anniversary of Stefano Casiraghi, several people remembered the painful disappearance of his father and many have expressed tweets and posts of condolence for her.

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