“We are looking for girls with eating disorders”: the casting shock and the denunciation of Maruska Albertazzi


“We are looking for girls with eating disorders”: the casting shock and the denunciation of Maruska Albertazzi
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from Carlotta Lombardo

The message posted on social media by the manager of a well-known television production company. And the director, activist of the Fiocchetto Lilla movement, denounces: incitement to eating disorders. Mediaset: we have nothing to do with it. The post has been removed

For a well-known television broadcast we are looking for girls aged 20 to 25 suffering from eating disorders. If you have these characteristics, write me immediately. The message, published on social media by Giada Massara on her Instagram profile where she reports that she is the casting director of Forum, disappeared in a couple of hours but not escaped the attention of Maruska Albertazzi, Bolognese journalist, actress and director active in the fight against eating disorders and author of the documentary Hangry Butterflies. The rebirth of butterflies in which she tells the fight against anorexia of young girls between 14 and 22 years. Saw the announcement, the director immediately set off the alarm saving and relaunching the intriguing message on his Instagram page. But according to you, no, but it can never be normal to have castings for people with DCA (Eating disorder, ed)?!? – writes the activist of the Lilac Bow movement, the symbolic association of the fight against Eating Disorders -. But don’t you think about it that you do nothing but promote eating disorders?!.

An instigation to eating disorders

The email provided in Massara’s announcement refers to Corma, production company of the broadcast founded in 2007 by Marina Donato, widow of Corrado Mantoni, and Massimiliano Lancellotti. In the catalog of the company there are some of the most popular Italian television programs, the game shows Il Lunch Servito and Tira & Molla, and the variety La Corrida. Since 2008 Corma has been producing together with Mediaset Forum, the television court broadcast on Canale 5 and Rete 4, now conducted by Barbara Palombelli. The broadcast “Forum” where, notoriously, those who participate in video as a contender are often an actor but more often a person with a similar experience to that of the story in question – continues Maruska Albertazzi, this time on Facebook -. Well, here we are looking for girls with DCA to play girls with DCA. Without thinking that casting an eating disorder sufferer is a terrible trigger for the disease. Without thinking that playing a role for a non-actress means not having the defense tools that are learned in academies and acting schools. Without thinking that being able to go on TV thanks to one’s disease provides a considerable reinforcement to the disease itself. Without clinical support. This is a beautiful and good incitement to eating disorders for me.

Mediaset’s apologies

On the initiative, the television network

for which Giada Massara casting director of Forum, a broadcast for which she was also Valletta in 2013, he replied saying he knew nothing because it was run by an outside company that didn’t have to use the network name. Then, he sent an apology note. The announcement was aimed at finding people willing to participate in a television broadcast to give their testimony, in the presence of experts in the field, on a pathology, such as that of eating disorders, which affects many adolescents in our country – it reads – . The research was not aimed at finding people willing to participate in the Forum program as “contenders”. That video has, however, as involuntarily as it has evidently produced an effect contrary to its intended purpose. We must take note. And for this, we have a duty to apologize to all those who have felt, even indirectly, offended.

A serious disease, on the rise after the pandemic

Refuse food, hide it, spit it out. Binge eating and throwing up. To check weight. Compensating for a sense of inner fragility and helplessness in relationships with others and towards the external reality that one is unable to control. With the pandemic, eating disorders have exploded, affecting children of less and less age, under the age of 14, in 90% of female cases. Even today this problem bears the weight of prejudices that mortify those who suffer from it and make it difficult to organize care. They should be considered for what they are: a serious and chronic disease, with complex symptoms and many causes. No, they are not a passing thing that resolves itself. No, they are not a whim or a request for attention. No, they are not a way to put mom and dad in check, or to punish them. No, they are not a question of vanity. Eating disorders are real psychiatric pathologies and have nothing “glamorous” about – we read on Maruska Albertazzi’s Facebook page -. Eating diseases are ugly and bad. And they are diseases. He will repeat it until he is exhausted. Diseases. The Higher Institute of Health (Iss) has mapped 91 public centers throughout the national territory: 48 in the North, 14 in the Center and 29 between the South and the Islands. The map is available online ( and also shows the contacts to be able to call and the type of interventions proposed in each facility.

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